truck rental

Joe’s cargo van

Joe looked up car storage honolulu when he moved to Oahu from the Big Island and decided on us. Many of our past tenants and customers have written very sweet reviews of us on Yelp, so we come up first on there for “car storage honolulu.”

Moving into the new place

He had shipped his things through YB and rented a cargo van of ours to pick up his items at the port. He received a call that his container had arrived with all of his things so he was prepared to pick them up. But then we were surprised to see him return the van in less than an hour! Apparently none of his items were ready and he had to wait further for his items to arrive. We felt so bad for Joe because that’s so disappointing!

Customer service

We gave him a full refund for the van. After he told us what happened, we didn’t want to charge him for the van! He came back about a week later to rent a van out to go get his things for the port. Moving can be really stressful because things like this happen all the time. It’s normal.

Things don’t arrive when they’re supposed to. However, at Dillingham Self Storage we want to make it as least stressful as possible by helping out however we can. Customer service is our priority. If you’re looking for car storage honolulu on google, we’ve got you covered!