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Dilly Rentals Storage Vans Insurance Options

Rentals for storage vans, like our Dilly Rentals, can come with a secondary collision damage waiver for $15 a day.  This is optional, though.  This is why customers are always required to show proof of insurance prior to taking the vehicle out.  This means that if they decline the secondary waiver, they will rely on their own insurance should something happen.  Drivers are responsible for the first $2500 of damage and loss, plus all necessary repairs.  They can work with their insurance company for reimbursement or just have the insurance cut us a check for the repairs. 

CDW Options

However, if they add the CDW ($15/day,) they are only responsible for a $1000 deductible.  Not many customers know the details of their insurance policies until it’s too late.  In most cases, if you have full coverage, your insurance company can take care of the cost of damages, and you’ll pay the insurance deductible out of pocket.  However, if you only have liability coverage, insurance companies won’t cover the cost of damages and you’ll end up having to pay out of pocket. 

Many customers don’t fully understand our insurance and collision damage waiver policy for our Dilly Rentals. It’s important to understand what your personal insurance coverage is before renting a Dilly Rental – or any rental for that matter.  We require a valid driver’s license, a credit/ debit card, and a copy of your valid auto insurance, to rent the vehicle. 

Ask your Insurance

This is why we suggest that people check with their insurance companies what exactly their coverage entails.  People should do this before they rent our vehicles.  Nobody likes to file insurance claims because of the hassle and long process.  

Van Rentals

Adam’s Moving Van

Adam’s Moving van

Our dilly rental vans are great storage vans for moving items or moving between homes.  With the technology and comfortable seats, it makes for a convenient ride. And we know how stressful moving can be, so it’s important to have the right tools before you move.  


Adam called us to make a reservation for a van 2 weeks before needing it.  He knew he would need it and decided to plan ahead. He needed the van to move to his new place that day.  

Catching Up with Adam

On the actual day that he needed the van, the weather was horrible!  It was raining like crazy and overcast weather pretty much all day. When he came in to pick up the van he was complaining about how unpleasant the weather was and how inconvenient it would be to move his items in the rain with a high probability of getting everything wet.  


When we dispatch vans, there’s some paperwork to do but we usually get through it pretty quickly.  As for Adam, it took a while because we were just chatting with him for such a long time! It was so nice to chat with him, he’s pretty funny and a great conversationalist.  

Hope to See you Soon

Adam left a very sweet review for us on our Yelp page because he enjoyed his time with us so much!  Thanks Adam, can’t wait to see you again!