truck rentals

Dilly rental vans

A storage rental can come in the form of a truck or van, not just an empty room in a building. Our new Dilly rental vans come in many different sizes and have been doing great every since we introduced our fleet to the Dillingham family! People have been loving our new vans.

Mark at Bamboo Flooring

We recently had a customer, Mark, reserve our 10’ transit van. Mark owns Bamboo Flooring Hawaii and needed the van to transport some of his supplies. This business specializes in bamboo flooring. Mark utilized our van to pick up and deliver supplies to customer. He was so happy with the service and price that he paid that he asked if we could keep some of his information on file for future reservations. Whenever someone rents our vans, we make a copy of their license and insurance so Mark asked for us to keep this all on file. We also took his credit card information down so the next time he rents one of our vans, the reservation and payment process will be much faster. The funny part of all this is that he thought we were still a uhaul dealer and that’s how he found us, but our Dilly vans did the job for him!