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The Best Storage Place for Laura

Laura was renting a truck rental from our fleet of Dilly Van Rentals to help her moving process. She was moving into a new place and transporting all of her items in storage to the new home. Laura had called us to reserve a cargo van but we did not realize that she was already a storage tenant with us, and had been with us for almost a year.

Moving Truck Rental

She stopped by to pick up the van and we realized she was a tenant! Laura was talking story with us while picking up the van and packing her belongings into it. She shared how much she liked it here at Dillingham Self Storage. She commented on how clean and safe it was. Laura recommended us to all of her friends looking around for storage units. She really thinks we are the best storage place!

The Best Storage Place

Upon Laura’s returning the cargo van and her departure, she came to pass out hugs to all of the staff! She thanked us for being “the best storage place she’s ever been to,” and said goodbye to each of us. We love it when people stop to talk story with us or just let us know what they like about us!  

van rentals

Moving Van Rental for the New Year

We love it when people in the Dillingham area come to us for a moving van rental.  If they live in the area, it’s a much shorter drive to get here and hence it might be a shorter time that they will have the van out for!  

Kim’s Moving Van Rental in January

We just had Kim call us in the beginning of January for a moving van.  He’s just down the street from us and since that call he’s come in each week to rent a van.  We know that moving can be a stressful process, and it’s much easier with a van because you’re taking less trips between the two locations.  It’s more efficient, and if you have someone helping you, it can be a faster process overall. Sometimes when moving, it can take a few weeks to get all your things transported and finally settled.  This is why people tend to come back for several weeks in ranting vans because it takes a while to get all the moving finally done. Luckily here at Dilly Rentals, you can rent a van out as many times as you want, we don’t have an individual customer limit!