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Clean Van Rentals

Our van rentals are clean, efficient and convenient to rent. Many people use them to move large pieces of furniture or event items like long tables. It can be much easier to make one trip with a van instead of several short trips with an average-sized sedan to carry the same amount of items. We keep our vans in the best shape possible, always clean, comfortable and starting full on fuel. 

Cleaning our Van Rentals

We expect drivers to keep the van rental in good condition. Cleanliness is mandatory upon returning the vehicle. We don’t require customers to do a full vacuum and washing routine but we do have a clean standard to meet, as outlined in the rental agreement you get upon pickup. If the van is returned and it does not meet our minimum cleaning standard, we charge a minimum $25 cleaning fee. We would only charge this if the van is obviously very dirty. Depending on the severity of the mess, the cleaning fee can cost more than $25. We recently had a vehicle returned that had excessive mud in its interior and dirt covering the floor mats. We ruled this to be excessively dirty. It took our staff some time to clean out the interior and wash the outside. It was rented on a week of heavy rains and lightning, so we can see why it was returned in this condition. 

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Customer Spotlight: Ivan

Ivan first started with our vans back when we were U-haul dealers. He has been committed to stay with us ever since. Ivan is one of our returning customers. He rents a van with us about every other month. He is so attentive and always has our best interest in mind. He wants to take care of our vehicles.  

Ivan’s Attentiveness

The last time we saw Ivan, he noticed a small dent in the rear bumper of the van. It apparently was not there the last time he rented the van. We like having attentive customers who notice these things if we don’t. This helps us keep our fleet in the best shape. We appreciate honest customers but we know that not everyone is full-disclosure. This is why we love people like Ivan! 

Since Our U-haul Days

Ivan always calls our office to check for availability to rent a van. When we don’t have any openings, he’ll reschedule his job for another date just to make sure he can use one of our vans. Ivan is a loyal customer and only wants to use our van rental services. We like to catch up with Ivan and talk story when he stops by. We see him frequently. We love Ivan! He has been with us since we were U-haul dealers and has stayed loyal to us ever since. 


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