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Van Rentals for Events

Concerts, big events and gatherings are coming back to life. Along with that comes a high demand for van rentals! We are happy to see things come back to life after COVID. It’s nice to see a return of popular events. Customers are renting vans at a higher frequency these days, especially during this holiday season. We are also seeing a return of old van customers who were frequent patrons in pre-COVID days. It’s encouraging to see people getting back to what they’ve been waiting to do all year. We are seeing more customers renting vans for swap meets and sporting events. We have not seen events like these come back to life in a long time. We’re also seeing more van rentals for event setup like for weddings and family gatherings. It’s heartwarming to see these gatherings become popular once again. 

Van Rentals in High Demand

Because trucks are in high demand these days, we recommend booking in advance. The holiday season can be pretty busy and it’s best to plan ahead. It’s also an odd year because we are technically still in “COVID” times. We recommend planning in advance. 


Dilly Van Rentals also offers other services on property, like printing services and storage units

van rentals

Truck Rentals for Christmas Deliveries

We have truck rentals for all your Christmas gift-delivering needs! You don’t need Santa’s sleigh to deliver all of your presents, just a Dilly Van Rental. Our trucks come in a variety of sizes that are great for delivering oversized, large items. We even have areas for tie-down straps that provide extra security to that precious cargo. You can also have one passenger accompany you in the passenger seat to keep an eye on your items while in transport. 

Truck Rentals for Holiday Events

Trucks are also great for event setup and transporting large items like chairs, tables and speakers for sound systems. We know how difficult it is to transport all of this in a small sedan. That requires multiple trips. It’s easier to do it all in one trip with a large truck. Our trucks can accommodate all shapes and sizes of items. Depending on what you are transporting, we offer small sprinter vans which are great for smaller items. But, for larger items, we have bigger truck rentals that are great for these bulky items. Our trucks are inspected after each user and thoroughly sanitized. They also offer smooth rides and great handling, making it easier to transport and deliver delicate items.   


Dilly Van Rentals also offers other services on property, like printing services and storage units.