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Mr. Park’s Box Truck Rental

The box truck rental is one of the most popular van rentals on the market. The van is quite literally in the shape of a box, hence the name “box truck rental.” They are incredibly efficient if you are moving cube-shaped items that can easily fit into the truck and occupy all of the vacant space. This is the most effective use of space for moving customers.

Box Truck Rental

Mr. Park was moving homes and he needed a 14’ box truck to move into his new place in Ewa Beach. We were surprised and impressed that Mr. Clark did not rent a vehicle close to either moving locations but instead drove to Dillingham Blvd. all the way from Ewa Beach for one of our vehicles! He let us know that he contacted a number of places and that their prices were ridiculous. His friend recommended us, and we’re so glad he did! Mr. Clark chose to rent from us and he said the driving was worth it for our price. He also was happy to contribute to a locally owned company that offers great customer service. We love hearing comments like these. 


We also offer other services on property, such as print shop services and storage units.

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Clark’s Truck Rental

We love having positive and impressionable interactions with our Dilly truck rental customers. We know truck rentals can be expensive and if they are used for moving, it can be a stressful experience. Here at Dilly Van Rentals, we try our best to make the experience as simple as possible for you. 

Truck Rental Gas Mileage

Clark’s first van rental with us went very well. He was happy with our services and especially was a fan of how simple our pricing system is. We charge an equipment rental rate per vehicle of $19.95 for a 24-hr period (assuming the vehicle is available,) plus a charge of $0.75 per mile driven in the vehicle, and then we require the driver to refill the gas tank. The gas economy for our vans is about 20 miles per gallon and they hold a fuel tank capacity of 26 gallons. Our vans take unleaded fuel (regular octane,) and are some of the best vans on the market in terms of efficiency and quality.


Clark chose us for his van rental because he was so pleased with the customer service we delivered. He was confident that he wouldn’t receive this kind of treatment anywhere else! 


We also offer other services on property, such as print shop services and storage units.

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Moving Van Rental Recovered

Each moving van rental is quite literally precious cargo to us! They are a high priority for us, which is why we are so diligent in caring and maintaining them. 

Recovered Moving Van Rental

Recently, a moving van rental went missing. It was classified as an overdue rental according to our police report. Although it was an unfortunate situation, we were able to retrieve the van. Thankfully, we have loyal tenants and we were able to locate the van. One of our tenants found it on the side of the road. Fortunately, it was still in good condition and we were able to drive it home. Due to the fact that it was found unattended, we called Shaun at Ultra Lock and Key to rekey the van. In a case like this, we were not able to recover the key from the renter. We drove the vehicle back to the property using a spare key. Thankfully, we got an appointment within a few days. Shaun was able to reprogram our keys and rekey the van efficiently for us! Shaun is wonderful. We highly recommend him if you’re looking for service or vehicle rekeying. 


We also offer other services on property, like storage units and printing services.