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Dilly Truck Rentals for the Holidays

We love loyal customers. The Dilly truck rentals have some serious fans that have stayed with us over the years. These customers have watched us grow into the business we are. Thanks to them, we can offer a wide variety of trucks to fit individual customer needs. We offer tall box truck rentals as well as small van rentals.

truck rentals

Lily called us to make a reservation. Unfortunately, we did not have any available vehicles for the date that she needed. She requested for her second and third backup dates, which we also did not have any available trucks. We regret telling customers that all the trucks are booked up because we strive to provide great service. However, the busy season brings high demand for trucks. The holidays and the summer months see the greatest demand for truck rentals. Lily called back 20 minutes later and tried again to reserve a truck for her 4th backup date. Luckily, this time we had availability! Lily let us know that she moved her schedule around to fit our truck availability! We are so thankful for customers like Lily who are loyal and dedicated to the Dilly van rentals. 


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and printing services