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Van Rental for Businesses

Van rentals are great for businesses. We have several business customers that rent our vans for business purposes, such as transporting large items for events, or transferring inventory between locations. We love chatting with our business customers and watching them grow over the years. Here at Dillingham, we get an up-close look at growing local businesses when they pick up a van rental from us. 

Chuck and His Van Rental

Chuck is one of our business customers. We love Chuck! We have been seeing him at least once a week for a cargo van rental every week for the last few months. In that time, we learned about Chuck and his business. He ordered a cargo van for the business but it hasn’t arrived yet, so he’s been renting from us for the time being. Chuck has become one of our favorite individuals and we love catching up with him every time he stops by for his van rental. He recently mentioned to us that he’ll be going on vacation and he won’t be stopping in for the next two weeks. We don’t know what we’ll do without Chuck! 

van rental


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