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Dilly Van Rentals Review From Adam

Our van rentals for Dilly Rentals are still in demand during the pandemic. We have adopted a new regimen of cleaning procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. The extra time we spend now on cleaning our vehicles is worth it to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

Adam’s Yelp Review

We encountered a familiar face the other day when lending out a van rental. Adam looked so familiar when he walked in and we could recognize him just from entering the lobby! He left a very kind review of Dilly Rentals a while back in 2018. We thought it could be him. While we were talking to him we pulled up his Yelp review and sure enough – it was him! Adam asked us if the people he mentioned in his Yelp review were still working here and that’s when we both held up our phones to show each other the Yelp review he was referring to! We all chatted with Adam for a while, like we were long lost friends!

Van Rentals Familiar Faces

We were so happy to see a familiar face and share stories with Adam. During this time of uncertainty, it’s encouraging to see a familiar face and share fond memories with our van rentals customers! 


If you are curious how our other divisions, such as storage units, are responding to the pandemic, check out our other blog post on this.

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Truck Rentals for Home Projects

Cleaning Precautions

The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately changed all of our daily routines upside down. With everyone at home everyday, it has also changed how we do business with our truck rentals. We prioritize health and sanitation in all of our vehicles and the facility itself. As a business, we are taking the necessary precautions to keep our staff and customers safe. 

Home Improvement Projects

Although our truck rentals have not been in high demand, we have a few customers who are still in need of vehicles. We have heard from some people that because many people have extra time on their hands, they are taking this as an opportunity to clean their homes and their storage units. Many have been taking on home-improvement projects and need a large vehicle to transport items. Due to the extension of the Stay At Home orders, it is a great time to get rid of old things that you don’t need or use! 

Truck Rentals for Gardening

Gardening seems to be a popular activity to do during quarantine, and that requires moving large items such as pots and gardening tools! If you are in need of a moving van, give us a call and check out our facility. Vans can be reserved over the phone or in person. During this time, we prefer customers call ahead of time to make a reservation. We are also restricting the number of people allowed in the facility at any time. 

Dilly Van Rentals

Response to COVID-19

The Dilly Van Rentals has felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty. Mayor Kirk Caldwell recently declared a state wide shutdown of non-essential businesses. Thankfully, we are considered an essential business because we are available for those who need to rent moving vehicles. Hence, we are still open for business. However, we have taken some precautions to keep our staff and customers safe from the COVID-19.  

Dilly Van Rentals New Office Hours

Our new temporary office hours are Monday-Friday 10-6pm, Saturdays 12pm-5pm and still closed on Sundays. While the office is closed, the restroom in the facility will remain locked. Therefore, vehicles can only be picked up during these limited office hours. We are asking our customers to plan accordingly. 

Change in Operations

We have also made some changes to our operations in the front office for the time being. The computers in the front office are no longer available for use. We have closed those off for the time being. We are also taking extra precautions in addition to our cleaning routine to sanitize high-traffic surfaces around the facility such as door handles, elevator buttons, counters and keypads. We are also enforcing social distancing by limiting the number of customers in the office to a maximum of two. There are instructed lines taped on the ground outside the office to maintain the recommended 6’ social distance outside of the facility for those who are waiting to enter. 

Vehicle Sanitation Procedures

We have also enforced more stringent sanitation procedures with our vehicles. After a vehicle is returned, we take extra precaution to spray high-traffic surfaces with a lysol disinfectant solution. Our staff is taking extra detail and care in covering the surfaces that receive high contact, such as steering wheels, door handles and seats.

Dilly Van Rentals

Moving Van Rental for 24-Hours

A moving van rental comes in handy for those who are moving into new homes. Moving can be a long process and some like to do it in parts, one day at a time. That is why we offer our vehicles for rent for up to a 24 hour period. Sometimes it just takes a day to move, or maybe it takes several days to move. You can reserve for several days at a time, or just one day at a time! It’s up to you. We cater to your moving process. 

24-Hour Moving Van Rental

The truck rentals are for rent on a 24 hour basis. If the 24 hour period you need a van is not available for the vehicle you rented is not needed for the full 24 hours, that rate is still in effect on top of the mileage rate and gas tank refills. If you have any questions, give us a call or email us! 


We do not offer flat rates or daily/weekly rates. We are aware that some rental companies offer price breaks for mileage. We do not because we prioritize vehicle maintenance and cleanliness. We like to check in with our vehicles on a frequent basis to make sure everything is running smoothly!


Give us a call if you are interested in our other services, like storage or print services, at our Dillingham Self Storage facility.

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Fresh and Clean Truck Rentals

The truck rentals from Dilly Van Rentals are held to a high standard upon our staff inspection before being rented out to a customer. We have a regulated cleaning schedule to maintain the cleanliness of the vans, including weekly cleanings as well as a thorough cleaning after each customer use. Although we cannot control what customers leave behind in the vans, we manage to keep clean vans and truck rentals for our customers. We also ask that customers leave the vans in decent condition upon return with regards to the van’s interior. 

Moving Furniture with Truck Rentals

Kar and Lily needed a cargo van to move furniture to their new home. They made a reservation with us in advance. When it came time to moving day they noted the cleanliness of the van and mentioned it to us. They said that the last truck rental company gave them a van infested with roaches and was very unhygienic overall. They reported this to the company upon return of the van but were met with blatant disregard for the issue. It was an unpleasant experience. They planned to never give that company their business again and that’s how they found us. When getting one of our truck rentals they were happy to see that there were no roaches! We are always happy when customers notice the hard work we put into maintaining our facility and vehicles.


Give us a call if you are interested in our other services, like storage units for rent, at our Dillingham Self Storage facility. Our truck rentals are located at Dillingham Self Storage facility as well. 

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Happy Holidays from Dilly Van Rentals!

The Dilly Van Rentals ohana wishes everyone happy holidays and a happy new year! We had a wonderful year with our business and staff, and we’re so excited for the new year ahead. We wish everyone to have a safe and happy holiday season. Contact us for your moving van rentals in the new year! Or, if you need any printing or storage!


We wish everyone the best in 2020 and hope that the end of the decade was a great one! Our business has grown so much in reflecting on the last decade. We welcomed our new Dilly Van rentals and expanded our printing services. The Dillingham Self Storage business has seen so much change in the last decade and we are excited to see more!

Dilly Van Rentals New Year

The new year is the time to set goals and new year resolutions, and we encourage our tenants and storage customers to do that! Let us help you with your new goals of organizing your home and call today to ask about our storage vans. At the start of the new year we see a high demand for storage vans as everyone is cleaning out the home for new things and new memories!

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Brochure for Moving Van Rentals

Our moving van rentals are going into the popular holiday season! The holidays come with events, family gatherings and big New Year’s Eve gatherings. It’s a fun time for everyone. There is demand for our moving vans to help move large items for events like tables, chairs and other setup equipment. 

Comparing Moving Van Rentals

We know if you are working for a company (or just for yourself!) it can be overwhelming to compare truck rentals at several places. You went the best option, with your preferred availability! It’s important, we know. That’s why we organize all of our prices, information and rental details into a concise brochure so it’s easy (and fast) for you to get our rates. We give these brochures to our customers who come in with inquiries about our Dilly Van Rentals. 

Quicken the Shopping Process

We just had a customer who was in a rush to find a large moving vehicle. She walked in one day and we are so glad we had something to give her with a quick run-down of the rates and options for our moving van rentals! With this, she can put together the best option for her move!  

We also offer other services, such as storage and printing, all on the same property! 

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Clean Van Rentals

Our van rentals are clean, efficient and convenient to rent. Many people use them to move large pieces of furniture or event items like long tables. It can be much easier to make one trip with a van instead of several short trips with an average-sized sedan to carry the same amount of items. We keep our vans in the best shape possible, always clean, comfortable and starting full on fuel. 

Cleaning our Van Rentals

We expect drivers to keep the van rental in good condition. Cleanliness is mandatory upon returning the vehicle. We don’t require customers to do a full vacuum and washing routine but we do have a clean standard to meet, as outlined in the rental agreement you get upon pickup. If the van is returned and it does not meet our minimum cleaning standard, we charge a minimum $25 cleaning fee. We would only charge this if the van is obviously very dirty. Depending on the severity of the mess, the cleaning fee can cost more than $25. We recently had a vehicle returned that had excessive mud in its interior and dirt covering the floor mats. We ruled this to be excessively dirty. It took our staff some time to clean out the interior and wash the outside. It was rented on a week of heavy rains and lightning, so we can see why it was returned in this condition. 

If you’re interested in our other services, like our print shop or storage units, check them out!

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Customer Spotlight: Ivan

Ivan first started with our vans back when we were U-haul dealers. He has been committed to stay with us ever since. Ivan is one of our returning customers. He rents a van with us about every other month. He is so attentive and always has our best interest in mind. He wants to take care of our vehicles.  

Ivan’s Attentiveness

The last time we saw Ivan, he noticed a small dent in the rear bumper of the van. It apparently was not there the last time he rented the van. We like having attentive customers who notice these things if we don’t. This helps us keep our fleet in the best shape. We appreciate honest customers but we know that not everyone is full-disclosure. This is why we love people like Ivan! 

Since Our U-haul Days

Ivan always calls our office to check for availability to rent a van. When we don’t have any openings, he’ll reschedule his job for another date just to make sure he can use one of our vans. Ivan is a loyal customer and only wants to use our van rental services. We like to catch up with Ivan and talk story when he stops by. We see him frequently. We love Ivan! He has been with us since we were U-haul dealers and has stayed loyal to us ever since. 


If you’re interested in any of our other services like our print shop or storage units, check them out!

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Moving Van Rental with Storage Units

Complimentary Moving Van Rental

A complimentary moving van rental comes with your new storage space! All you pay is the mileage rate and refill gas, but you save on the daily equipment rental rate. This can be very helpful for those who need to move extra large items into their storage unit. Things like furniture and other large items are nearly impossible to move with just a small sedan, but a moving van could do the trick. 

Moving Large Furniture

Janice recently signed up for a storage unit and was so excited to hear about our complimentary move in van! She lived nearby so she knew her mileage cost would be low, and same with her gas expense. At the end of the day she only paid $3 for the whole thing. It was a great deal for her, and very helpful. She was able to get her larger things into the unit! We know that most people who are getting storage units are also in the process of moving between homes. That’s why we give them as complimentary to help you out!

Storage Units

If you’re interested in seeing some of our storage units, check out our storage site as well! Storage units and moving van rentals go hand in hand with each other!