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Truck Rentals and Tourists

Truck rentals are popular among tourists. As more restrictions are lifted everyday, tourists are making their way back to the islands. We never expected for our trucks to be intended for tourists but we have had so many inquiries from people on vacation to rent a vehicle. We have heard from several people that rental car companies are charging high prices, indirectly pushing tourists to look into cargo vans for their vacation. This was a big surprise to us! 

Truck Rentals While on Vacation

This unexpected flow of customers adds to our regular customers looking for trucks for craft fair season. We are happy to see our trucks going out but are shocked at whose renting them! There are other cargo and moving van rentals on the island that have reported the same phenomenon. We are not the only ones. This is another reason why we encourage our regular customers to reserve vans as soon as they know their show dates. We know how important truck rentals are for busy season. Dilly Van Rentals has several regular customers that use our vans for craft fairs and farmers’ markets


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Van Rentals for Summer

Dilly Van Rentals are kicking into gear for this season. As the Tier 3 opening is underway, small events like trade shows, craft fairs and farmers’ markets are coming back to life. We are so excited to see small businesses back in business. There has been an uptick in reservations for our van rentals. It is great to hear the excitement in people’s voices when they call to reserve our vehicles. We can’t wait to see everyone setting up for their shows! 

Van Rentals for Summer

As business ramps up again, we want to encourage everyone interested in renting a vehicle to make reservations early. The van rentals can fill up quickly, especially with summer right around the corner. Vans are great for transporting merchandise safely, especially for when you have a booth at a craft fair! Truck rentals are also popular during the summer months when people are moving into new homes. This is why we recommend calling as soon as possible to reserve a vehicle when you are certain of your dates. Vans are popular during busy season, especially now that public gatherings and events are coming back to life. The Tier 3 reopening is a busy and exciting time for many small businesses. 


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Truck rentals

Truck Rentals and Safety Tips

Dilly Truck rentals are convenient and efficient for moving. They come in handy for moving large objects in one trip. It can be difficult to move several large items with a smaller sedan-size vehicle. We have several customers rent our vehicles for big events or for moving homes.  

Stolen Catalytic Converters

We want to make our truck rental customers aware of a recent increase in stolen catalytic converters on vehicles. These can be costly repairs. These are components attached to the undercarriage of a vehicle and are important to control exhaust emissions. The best way to avoid this is to park your vehicle in a position so that it is difficult to access the undercarriage. The easiest way to know if your converter has been stolen is to start your car up every morning, regardless if you are going to actually drive it. If the car is lacking a catalytic converter, the sound will be noticeably louder and will sound like it has no muffler. If this is the case, file a police report immediately. Some insurance companies may cover this cost if there is an official police report file. If you think this may have happened to your Dilly truck while you were renting it, let us know and we can find a solution. We also recommend that all of our renters have full insurance coverage, even for rentals. 

Truck Rentals and Other Services

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Dilly Van Rentals: Cleaning and Sanitization

Dilly Van Rentals are some of the cleanest trucks on the roads! We maintain a weekly cleaning of each vehicle, including a disinfectant wipe-down after each use. In addition to this routine, we also do a periodic detailing service that includes a wash, wax and full body sanitizing routine. It also includes a protectant sealing to keep high-touch surfaces as clean as possible. The detailing helps to keep the vans looking spiffy at their best for customers. We want our vans looking sharp on the roads! Our goal is for the vans to be as clean and well-kept so that each customer can enjoy a great experience while driving them.  

Dilly Van Rentals Reservations

We have also implemented other guidelines to maximize the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. Rental reservations are spaced out at larger intervals to allow for proper cleaning time in between each use. High-touch surfaces like steering wheels and handles are given extra attention. We also ask that if you are sick or showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home! Sanitation and cleaning procedures are our new priority. We do this for the health and safety of our customers and our employees.  


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Truck Rentals and Maintenance

Bryan Maintains our Truck Rentals

The fleet of truck rentals for Dilly Rentals requires a lot of attention and care. At the beginning of the year when the pandemic first broke out, business was slow for the vans. We took this opportunity to fix up the fleet and do all of the routine maintenance. Bryan at AutoCare has been such a great help for this. We always go to him when we have damage claims to address. Bryan delivers high quality customer service and maintenance. He’s wonderful working with various customer’s insurance companies and does fantastic work.


If you are looking for a body shop to take good care of your vehicles, Bryan is the best! We highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. His contact number is 808-836-5887. We love working with local businesses that deliver high quality service and prioritize their customers. Bryan keeps our truck rentals in the best shape. When it comes to vehicle maintenance and safety, we trust none other than the best, and that’s Bryan at AutoCare! He always makes sure we’re running smoothly and safely. 

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Truck Rental Insurance Policies

We want our truck rental customers to be fully informed and educated on the insurance requirements for our vans. It’s important to understand the extent to which your auto insurance will cover damages on a rental vehicle. 

Truck Rental Collision Damage Waiver Policy

To initially begin the truck rental process, we require a valid driver’s license, credit/debit card and a copy of your valid auto insurance card. This is to be provided up front prior to taking the vehicle out. If something were to happen to the vehicle that caused damage or loss, the customer is responsible for the first $2500 of the repair costs. The driver’s auto insurance is the primary source of insurance. However, if the customer purchased our optional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) for $15.00 a day, they would only be responsible for paying the $1000 deductible. If the customer declines the CDW, that means they are completely reliant on their own insurance to cover the first $2500 cost of damage and loss. However, not all auto insurance policies will cover the cost of damage to a rental vehicle. Some companies will not cover the cost of damages at all and the customer will have to pay the $2500 out of pocket. For example, if a customer only has liability coverage, the insurance company typically will not cover the cost of the damages. We recommend our customers to look into their auto insurance policies to see if they have coverage for rental vehicles. 


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Moving Van Rentals for Restaurant Delivery

The moving van rentals offered at Dilly Rentals are available on site at our Dillingham Storage facility. We have had the trucks for several years now and very happy customers because of them. Many of our customers are businesses looking to rent moving vans. We have had several event managers and outdoor event venues inquiring about moving vans. Compared to large mainstream truck dealers, we can probably offer you a better deal and local service. 

Aloha Tofu with Moving Van Rentals

Aloha Tofu has been a Dilly Print Shop customer for years. They inquired about our vans asking if we rent out cargo vans. They have seen our vans cruising around town and also in their parking lot. At the time, one of their delivery vans was down and being serviced. During a time like this, delivery is crucial for local restaurants and eateries to stay alive. We understand. They stopped by to pick up a van and were so happy with it. They commented how close and convenient it was for them to pick up a van. We love it when we have happy customers. We also love it when customers from our other services come in for more services. It makes us happy! 

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Best of the Best with Moving Van Rentals

We are happy to announce that our Dillingham storage facility that is onsite with our moving van rentals placed in the top 3 for Hawaii’s Best of the Best! This is an annual contest across the islands and we are so happy that we placed 3rd this year for best storage facility. The first place award went to a chain that has 6 locations on the island. The second place award went to a facility with eleven locations on the island. We are so proud that our one locally-owned and operated placed third this year. 


The results were just released on Sunday, August 16. We have been successful in placing in this contest for a few years in a row and we are so happy about it! Thank you to everyone for voting for us and supporting the business. We love our tenants and it’s good to know that they love us, too. Our moving van rentals support several customers with their storage units onsite. We know it’s helpful to have several services offered in one facility at one location! We also offer printing services on site with the Dilly Print Shop. 

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Truck rentals

Van Rentals for Hurricane Preparation

We have taken the downtime during the pandemic to take care of our fleet of Dilly Van rentals. Some of the vans needed some repairs and some thorough cleaning. During this pandemic, van rentals have not been in high demand. We have invested time and energy into improving the quality of the vehicles while they are not being utilized. We are doing this so that when they are going back on the roads more frequently, they’ll be just like new! 

Hurricane Douglas Preparation

The Hurricane Douglas that recently skimmed the islands warranted some use of our vans. In preparing for a hurricane, it takes time and energy to stock up on supplies. Vendors like Costco and Foodland typically fill up with anxious customers waiting to purchase emergency supplies. Some people invested time into boarding their homes up to protect against exterior damage from the incoming hurricane. It can be a lot of work – and a lot of driving through a congested city. The van rentals can alleviate stress by reducing the number of trips you’ll be making. Our van rentals can also hold large items, such as wooden planks and construction items that need to be transported to your home.

Van Rentals and Other Services

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Truck Rentals for Business

The state shut down has has an impact on small businesses – and still is. We love supporting local and are happy to facilitate entrepreneurs through our Dillingham ohana. We have had several customers utilize our truck rentals to support their business. Transporting supplies for events, trade shows and swap meets can be cumbersome – and time consuming. Driving one truck that can serve as the primary vehicle can simplify the setup process for an entrepreneur. 

Swap Meet Truck Rentals

Mary was a loyal customer of ours who has a vendor booth at the swap meet. Due to the shutdown, the swap meet was also closed down. This was incredibly unfortunate for all vendors involved and was a difficult time for many. Mary was very happy to hear the news that the swap meet could open again. She was quick to contact us to reserve a truck rental for her first weekend back!  We are really happy for Mary to get back into business again. She was very excited to reserve a truck rental for a few weekends in June. We love seeing entrepreneurs and local businesses get back into shape and open up safely again. It’s wonderful to see, and we are happy to facilitate it with our Dilly Van Rentals. 


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