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Dilly Van Rentals Price Structures

Dilly Van Rentals offers moving truck rentals for reasonable prices. Our prices are lower than any other moving vehicle company on the island. We are a small, locally owned and operated business. It’s hard to compare us to chain businesses because we are unique! 

Dilly Van Rentals Price Structures

We once had a customer who was very upset with our vans and compared us to national companies. Our price structure includes a flat rate fee for the day plus a small mileage charge. Customers are also required to fill the gas tank prior to returning the van. Some large chain companies do not follow these same price structures. We got in touch with this unhappy customer and discussed that we’re a local business, not a large chain company. We confirmed that we have the lowest charges compared to any other moving truck rental company on the island. That same customer left us a beaming 5-star Yelp review mentioning our reasonable prices and loving the opportunity to support local! We were happy to hear this. 


We take pride in doing our research to make sure that our rates are the best and lowest on the island. And we are so happy when our customers want to support local! 


Dilly Van Rentals also offers other products and services on site. We have storage units and printing services all available at Dillingham Self Storage!

Dilly Van Rentals

Moving Truck Rental Customers Turned Storage Tenants

Some of our moving truck rental customers learn about our storage facilities after renting one of our trucks. We are happy to offer both truck rentals and storage units because they typically complement each other. Many people who are moving into a new home need a truck rental and at the same time may need a storage unit. We have talked to many moving customers who need to store some of their home items intermittently while moving between locations. 

Moving Truck Rental

Kaipo rented his first van with us last year. He’s rented a truck from us a handful of times ever since we first saw him. On one of his last visits, he was chatting with a storage tenant about potential storage units becoming available in the near future. He was happy to hear that we have some units available. It would make his moving process much easier if he could store his items at our facility. He is looking to sign a lease with us in the very near future now. We are looking forward to welcoming a new storage tenant who came to us from our Dilly Rentals ohana!


We also offer other services on property, like printing services and storage facilities.

Moving van rentals

Moving Van Rentals in Season

Moving van rentals are in season right now. Many people are moving into new homes or apartments. It is much easier to carry out a move with a van rental instead of doing multiple trips in a mid-sized vehicle. However, it’s not always easy to find a rental for the time frame that you need it. Vans are in especially high demand due to the shortage of rental cars for visiting tourists. Consumers looking for rental cars are overflowing into van and truck rental businesses. This is why we put a 2-day cap on our van rentals. This leaves vans open for locals to rent.

Moving Van Rentals in Season

Sharon was looking for a moving van to assist her in moving from Waimanalo to Waialua. Both of these locations are very far from our Dillingham Boulevard location. However, Sharon could not find a rental for the dates she needed. She called just about every moving vehicle rental business and not one had the availability that she needed. Then, Sharon found us on google. We had availability for the exact days she needed! She was so happy to book a box truck rental with us for her moving dates. 


Moving van rentals are in high demand now, so if you need one, book soon!


We also offer other services on property, like printing services and storage facilities.

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Truck Rentals in High Demand

Truck rentals are still in high demand. With so many car rental companies selling their fleets, visiting tourists are looking to rent our Dilly Van Rentals. As a result, we have been jam packed all summer. Our front desk has been fielding calls left and right from customers looking for vehicle rentals on vacation. Now that tourism is ramping up in the islands, car rentals are in high demand. Although a large truck rental may be unpleasant to drive while on vacation, some people are desperate for transportation! We have also seen some local ads for residents renting out their personal vehicles to visiting tourists. 

Truck Rentals for Moving

In order to accomodate customers who need truck rentals for moving purposes, we are offering reservations only for a 2-day maximum usage period. This is to ensure that customers looking for moving vehicles are able to reserve one. One of our loyal Dilly customers thanked us for not renting vans out for weeks at a time. We like to stay on good terms with our regulars who use vans for summer events! We’re hoping that the vehicle rental market balances out in the near future. 


Check out our other services offered on property, like storage and printing!

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Truck Rental for Graduation Season

Truck rentals are great for graduation season. They can carry multiple oversized items in one trip. This year, families are planning their own drive-by graduation ceremonies. If you are setting up a massive balloon arch, posters, signs, maybe even tents and music to host in your drive by, a truck rental will definitely come in handy! Dilly trucks come in all different sizes.

Truck Rental Sizes

We offer three van sizes: cargo van, 10’ moving van and 14’ box truck. See our main page for dimensions and volume specifications for each of these. The largest van, the 14’ box truck, offers a 6.5’x6’ back door opening. It’s great for loading large items. It can approximately fit the size of 1-2 bedroom sets. Depending on the size of your graduation ceremony setup, this may be the truck for you. Our smallest cargo van may also be the size to fit your needs. Each van offers interior tie-down rings to stabilize items while in transport. 

Call and Reserve

The van rentals get busy during graduation season and the following summer months. We recommend calling in advance to book your truck rental. Make a reservation as soon as you know of the day that you’ll need it! 


Check out our other services on property, such as storage and printing.

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Truck Rentals and Tourists

Truck rentals are popular among tourists. As more restrictions are lifted everyday, tourists are making their way back to the islands. We never expected for our trucks to be intended for tourists but we have had so many inquiries from people on vacation to rent a vehicle. We have heard from several people that rental car companies are charging high prices, indirectly pushing tourists to look into cargo vans for their vacation. This was a big surprise to us! 

Truck Rentals While on Vacation

This unexpected flow of customers adds to our regular customers looking for trucks for craft fair season. We are happy to see our trucks going out but are shocked at whose renting them! There are other cargo and moving van rentals on the island that have reported the same phenomenon. We are not the only ones. This is another reason why we encourage our regular customers to reserve vans as soon as they know their show dates. We know how important truck rentals are for busy season. Dilly Van Rentals has several regular customers that use our vans for craft fairs and farmers’ markets


Check out our other services offered on property, like storage units and printing services!

Dilly Van Rentals

Van Rentals for Summer

Dilly Van Rentals are kicking into gear for this season. As the Tier 3 opening is underway, small events like trade shows, craft fairs and farmers’ markets are coming back to life. We are so excited to see small businesses back in business. There has been an uptick in reservations for our van rentals. It is great to hear the excitement in people’s voices when they call to reserve our vehicles. We can’t wait to see everyone setting up for their shows! 

Van Rentals for Summer

As business ramps up again, we want to encourage everyone interested in renting a vehicle to make reservations early. The van rentals can fill up quickly, especially with summer right around the corner. Vans are great for transporting merchandise safely, especially for when you have a booth at a craft fair! Truck rentals are also popular during the summer months when people are moving into new homes. This is why we recommend calling as soon as possible to reserve a vehicle when you are certain of your dates. Vans are popular during busy season, especially now that public gatherings and events are coming back to life. The Tier 3 reopening is a busy and exciting time for many small businesses. 


Check out our other services offered on property, like storage units and printing services!

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Truck Rentals and Safety Tips

Dilly Truck rentals are convenient and efficient for moving. They come in handy for moving large objects in one trip. It can be difficult to move several large items with a smaller sedan-size vehicle. We have several customers rent our vehicles for big events or for moving homes.  

Stolen Catalytic Converters

We want to make our truck rental customers aware of a recent increase in stolen catalytic converters on vehicles. These can be costly repairs. These are components attached to the undercarriage of a vehicle and are important to control exhaust emissions. The best way to avoid this is to park your vehicle in a position so that it is difficult to access the undercarriage. The easiest way to know if your converter has been stolen is to start your car up every morning, regardless if you are going to actually drive it. If the car is lacking a catalytic converter, the sound will be noticeably louder and will sound like it has no muffler. If this is the case, file a police report immediately. Some insurance companies may cover this cost if there is an official police report file. If you think this may have happened to your Dilly truck while you were renting it, let us know and we can find a solution. We also recommend that all of our renters have full insurance coverage, even for rentals. 

Truck Rentals and Other Services

The Dilly Truck rentals offers other services like self storage and printing. Check out our other sites for more information. All services are conveniently offered on property.

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Dilly Van Rentals: Cleaning and Sanitization

Dilly Van Rentals are some of the cleanest trucks on the roads! We maintain a weekly cleaning of each vehicle, including a disinfectant wipe-down after each use. In addition to this routine, we also do a periodic detailing service that includes a wash, wax and full body sanitizing routine. It also includes a protectant sealing to keep high-touch surfaces as clean as possible. The detailing helps to keep the vans looking spiffy at their best for customers. We want our vans looking sharp on the roads! Our goal is for the vans to be as clean and well-kept so that each customer can enjoy a great experience while driving them.  

Dilly Van Rentals Reservations

We have also implemented other guidelines to maximize the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. Rental reservations are spaced out at larger intervals to allow for proper cleaning time in between each use. High-touch surfaces like steering wheels and handles are given extra attention. We also ask that if you are sick or showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home! Sanitation and cleaning procedures are our new priority. We do this for the health and safety of our customers and our employees.  


In addition to our Dilly Van Rentals, we also offer other services on property, like self storage units and printing services.

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Truck Rentals and Maintenance

Bryan Maintains our Truck Rentals

The fleet of truck rentals for Dilly Rentals requires a lot of attention and care. At the beginning of the year when the pandemic first broke out, business was slow for the vans. We took this opportunity to fix up the fleet and do all of the routine maintenance. Bryan at AutoCare has been such a great help for this. We always go to him when we have damage claims to address. Bryan delivers high quality customer service and maintenance. He’s wonderful working with various customer’s insurance companies and does fantastic work.


If you are looking for a body shop to take good care of your vehicles, Bryan is the best! We highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. His contact number is 808-836-5887. We love working with local businesses that deliver high quality service and prioritize their customers. Bryan keeps our truck rentals in the best shape. When it comes to vehicle maintenance and safety, we trust none other than the best, and that’s Bryan at AutoCare! He always makes sure we’re running smoothly and safely. 

Other Services

Check out our other products and services offered on the same property. We have storage units on site as well as printing services!