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Brochure for Moving Van Rentals

Our moving van rentals are going into the popular holiday season! The holidays come with events, family gatherings and big New Year’s Eve gatherings. It’s a fun time for everyone. There is demand for our moving vans to help move large items for events like tables, chairs and other setup equipment. 

Comparing Moving Van Rentals

We know if you are working for a company (or just for yourself!) it can be overwhelming to compare truck rentals at several places. You went the best option, with your preferred availability! It’s important, we know. That’s why we organize all of our prices, information and rental details into a concise brochure so it’s easy (and fast) for you to get our rates. We give these brochures to our customers who come in with inquiries about our Dilly Van Rentals. 

Quicken the Shopping Process

We just had a customer who was in a rush to find a large moving vehicle. She walked in one day and we are so glad we had something to give her with a quick run-down of the rates and options for our moving van rentals! With this, she can put together the best option for her move!  

We also offer other services, such as storage and printing, all on the same property! 

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Clean Van Rentals

Our van rentals are clean, efficient and convenient to rent. Many people use them to move large pieces of furniture or event items like long tables. It can be much easier to make one trip with a van instead of several short trips with an average-sized sedan to carry the same amount of items. We keep our vans in the best shape possible, always clean, comfortable and starting full on fuel. 

Cleaning our Van Rentals

We expect drivers to keep the van rental in good condition. Cleanliness is mandatory upon returning the vehicle. We don’t require customers to do a full vacuum and washing routine but we do have a clean standard to meet, as outlined in the rental agreement you get upon pickup. If the van is returned and it does not meet our minimum cleaning standard, we charge a minimum $25 cleaning fee. We would only charge this if the van is obviously very dirty. Depending on the severity of the mess, the cleaning fee can cost more than $25. We recently had a vehicle returned that had excessive mud in its interior and dirt covering the floor mats. We ruled this to be excessively dirty. It took our staff some time to clean out the interior and wash the outside. It was rented on a week of heavy rains and lightning, so we can see why it was returned in this condition. 

If you’re interested in our other services, like our print shop or storage units, check them out!

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Customer Spotlight: Ivan

Ivan first started with our vans back when we were U-haul dealers. He has been committed to stay with us ever since. Ivan is one of our returning customers. He rents a van with us about every other month. He is so attentive and always has our best interest in mind. He wants to take care of our vehicles.  

Ivan’s Attentiveness

The last time we saw Ivan, he noticed a small dent in the rear bumper of the van. It apparently was not there the last time he rented the van. We like having attentive customers who notice these things if we don’t. This helps us keep our fleet in the best shape. We appreciate honest customers but we know that not everyone is full-disclosure. This is why we love people like Ivan! 

Since Our U-haul Days

Ivan always calls our office to check for availability to rent a van. When we don’t have any openings, he’ll reschedule his job for another date just to make sure he can use one of our vans. Ivan is a loyal customer and only wants to use our van rental services. We like to catch up with Ivan and talk story when he stops by. We see him frequently. We love Ivan! He has been with us since we were U-haul dealers and has stayed loyal to us ever since. 


If you’re interested in any of our other services like our print shop or storage units, check them out!

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Moving Van Rental with Storage Units

Complimentary Moving Van Rental

A complimentary moving van rental comes with your new storage space! All you pay is the mileage rate and refill gas, but you save on the daily equipment rental rate. This can be very helpful for those who need to move extra large items into their storage unit. Things like furniture and other large items are nearly impossible to move with just a small sedan, but a moving van could do the trick. 

Moving Large Furniture

Janice recently signed up for a storage unit and was so excited to hear about our complimentary move in van! She lived nearby so she knew her mileage cost would be low, and same with her gas expense. At the end of the day she only paid $3 for the whole thing. It was a great deal for her, and very helpful. She was able to get her larger things into the unit! We know that most people who are getting storage units are also in the process of moving between homes. That’s why we give them as complimentary to help you out!

Storage Units

If you’re interested in seeing some of our storage units, check out our storage site as well! Storage units and moving van rentals go hand in hand with each other!

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Birthday Van Rental

A van rental can come in handy for many reasons. Most people rent them for moving large items or moving between homes in general. It can be easier to make one “big trip” instead of several “smaller trips” like by packing in your sedan, for example. Some also use it for other things, like events. Birthday parties, graduation parties and other big events that require transportation of large items, can employ the use of a van rental. 

Birthday Van Rental

A student at Hawaii Community College, which is right across the street from us, asked about a van rental for her son’s birthday party. She was planning on it being pretty big with many people and activities! So, she needed a van to transport some things. She had used our vans before and was familiar with our services. While on a break from classes, she stopped by and we reserved the van for her. 

Van Rentals are Helpful

After she returned the van, she commented on how much of a big help it was. It was convenient for her to move the tables and chairs to the party location. Event planning can be stressful as it is, so any bit of help counts! The same goes for weddings and events with large crowds that need several pieces of large furniture.

Dillingham Self Storage

If you’re moving and also need a storage unit for the time being, check out our Dillingham Self Storage facilities. You can rent out a van, then move into your storage unit right there! Then return the van in the same place!

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Box Truck Rental for Home Projects

Glenn is a returning customer for a box truck rental. He is working on a home remodeling project so he expects to be moving heavy, large items over the next few months on a periodic basis. We know of many local families who take on home remodeling projects or home gardening plans that require a larger vehicle for transporting large items. If your average sedan cannot fit these items for you, give us a call! 

Competitive Rates

Upon returning his rental, Glenn commented on how our truck rental rates are competitive compared to other van rental companies. He mentioned that we have better rates than most and are always very helpful. We know Glenn will be returning for his future home projects! 

Box Truck Rental for Home Projects

Glenn is one of many examples to show how useful a box truck rental can be with projects, such as his home remodeling projects! If you are in need of a large vehicle for your big projects, give us a call. We would love to give you a lift. 

If you would like to see our customer testimony so you can make the best decision, check out our reviews on our Yelp page.

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Dilly Van Rentals Booked in Advance

Our Dilly Van Rentals can get pretty busy and booked out early in advance! A helpful tip we tell all of our drivers is to book in advance as early as possible. Call ahead of time to reserve a vehicle for your moving purposes, it makes a difference! We have recently been getting many last minute phone calls to rent out vehicles for same-day service. 

Weekends Fill Up Fast

We have to turn many of these customers away because we unfortunately do not have anything available. We always provide options for other truck rental firms but it’s usually the same case of no open vehicles for the same day. This is why we recommend giving us a call to reserve a vehicle in advance! Also keep in mind that weekends typically fill up first when making reservations. Weekends are popular times for moving into new homes. So this is another reason to call in advance for your reservation!

Book Dilly Van Rentals in Advance

Planning ahead for a big move can be stressful, securing a moving van is something to help relieve that stress. If you are confident of your move in date and when you will be moving your belongings, secure a vehicle as soon as possible. This can be crucial in helping to ease the entire process! 

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Moving Van Rental Height Clearance

A moving van rental can be a big help for moving large boxes to a new house or apartment. However, we caution our renters to be aware of clearance heights. Our trucks are larger, taller and longer than regular vehicles so it is vital to understand clearance heights. It is also important to understand how to drive one of these vehicles when in dense traffic settings or when entering parking garages. 

An appraiser that evaluated damages to one of our vehicles pointed out that an unloaded vehicle will not exit a parking garage the same way a loaded vehicle enters a garage. For example, a loaded vehicle will be lower in height because the weight of the vehicle will bring it down. An unloaded vehicle is presumably lighter because it is not loaded with boxes and consequently that will raise it a few inches, bringing it back to its original height. This can be an issue when exiting a parking garage as the initial entrance would have been a lower clearance. 

We caution our moving van rental users to stay away from entering parking garages or see if there’s a loading dock. Otherwise, beware of garage clearances and know the dimensions of the truck you are driving! 

If you are in need of storage space prior to your move, we also offer storage units for lease on a monthly basis. Check out Dillingham Self Storage for more information.

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Box Truck Rental Customers

A box truck rental can come in handy when moving big items, even if you are not moving between homes. Some customers use our rentals to move large purchases from furniture stores to their home. Or moving things from Costco after purchasing large items.

Box Truck Rentals for Moving Furniture

Cynthia called to reserve a box truck rental for her and her husband to use. They had a few big purchases to pick up from stores and wanted to reserve a large vehicle for her husband to drive them home. He had never driven a vehicle that large before. When they returned it, he commented on how much he liked driving a big truck. It was a smooth ride, and they got all of their furniture transported in one ride.

Happy Customers

Overall they were very happy with the rental. So happy that her husband wants to get a big truck now to drive around! He said it’s her fault if he ends up getting a truck. We all had a good laugh at the office. We love our customers and love having these interactions with them. Have fun shopping for trucks, Cynthia!


Check out our Dillingham Self Storage units if you need some storage space for keeping these big items!

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Loyal Van Rental Customers

We love our van rental customers that return for more. That’s how we know we’re doing a good job. When customers rent a van with us for the first time and realize how helpful and useful they are in moving things, they come back for more. We have customers who book our vans months in advance for several events across numerous weeks, just to make sure they have it for their event.

Van Rental Bookings

Walter was one of our first customers to test out our Dilly Van Rentals when we got our new fleet in 2016. This is when we first transitioned from U-Haul to our own fleet of vans. Walter loved our fleet so much that he comes back every year to rent it for his events. He books them out months in advance for his scheduled events. Walter likes having them scheduled out in advance for reassurance. We recommend this to all of our Dilly Van Rental customers to schedule them in advance as they fill up quickly, especially during the moving and holiday seasons.

How to Book

Our van rentals tend to sell out during the popular seasons, so we recommend booking in advance.  You can call to place a reservation or email us online.  We’re pretty good at replying to emails in a timely manner and we’re also good on the phones!