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Holiday Van Rentals

Van rentals are popular during the holidays because of the holiday parties and events. Many local restaurants and organizations put on “Lunch with Santa” events that are popular for young families and small keiki. Transporting all of the items is easily accomplished with the help of a van rental.

Will’s Thanksgiving Rental

Will called us in early November to reserve a van for Friday Nov. 23, the weekend of Thanksgiving. He called far in advance for the reservation so we could assure him an allocated van for him on that day. However, as the days approached Nov. 23, we realized that the office would be closed on that day in observance of the holiday! We had forgotten to record a phone number on file for Will and could not notify him of the conflict. Luckily, Will called us a week in advance and we were able to tell him about it then. We were relieved that he called us! To rectify the conflict, we allowed him to come in on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and check out the van. We only charged him for a single day’s use.

See You Next Time!

Will was very nice and accommodating. When we emailed him the final receipt, he assured us that he was happy with the van and would contact us in the future if he ever needed another one!

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Holiday Truck Rentals

Our truck rentals for Dilly Rentals have been packed busy these past two months. Many of them are booked out every week, and mostly on the weekends.  For most rental vendors, weekends are usually booked first and fast.

Reservations for Truck Rentals

We recommend that if you know you need a truck rental, make a reservation as soon as you can.  With the holidays around the corner and Christmas parties galore, many of our rentals are booked out early in advance for parties and big holiday events.  Like we said, weekends are the first to get booked, and they go fast!


Reservations can be done over the phone or in person. We are also available on email for inquiries!  Shoot us an email or give us a call and we would love to answer your questions.

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Furniture Moving Van Rental

If you need a moving van rental, you might need a furniture dolly as well. We rent these out and have a few to choose form that are only $7.00 a day. When moving large pieces of furniture, it can be helpful to have a dolly to do the job. You don’t want to strain your back moving furniture!

Moving Van Rental with Furniture Dolly

We had someone call in and ask to rent a dolly for the day without picking up a van as well, and that’s fine, too. He didn’t need a van, just the dolly. He came back within a few hours to pick up the dolly and mentioned how great it was during the move. We allow customers to rent a dolly without a van, because we know they are so useful!

If you have questions about renting a dolly or how to use one, feel free to call and ask!

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Truck Rental Saves the Business

Chanh was in search of a truck rental for his restaurant. His restaurant has a company truck that usually does the job however, it was in need of repairs and it was in the shop for the time being. Hence, they needed a truck rental.

Returning Customer

Chanh was actually a storage tenant who moved out last year. We were familiar with him and know that English isn’t his first language. He feels comfortable coming back to us because we can communicate with him and he’s familiar with us. It’s nice to know that our customers feel comfortable with us. 

Truck Rental Needs for Next Week

After using the truck rental, he returned the following week to check it out again. And then kept coming back in the weeks following! Apparently the company truck is expected to be in the shop for a while so he planned on using our truck rentals to get the job done in the time being. Love to have you Chanh, see you next week!

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Big Event Van Rentals

A van rental can be useful for big events that require transportation of large items such as chairs and tables. For example, Athena was having a family reunion on the opposite side of the island and wanted to take everything in one load. Athena wanted to avoid making multiple trips from her house to the campsite hence she preferred to use a van rental to get the job done. 

Pleasant Surprise for a Van Rental

She inquired about renting our cargo van for a week and we had an opening for the dates she needed!

When she returned the following week to hand in the van, she commented on how nice, clean and new the van was and how easy it was for her to drive it. She was pleasantly surprised! After talking with her, she commented that she drove more than she expected to. Athena described the camping experience and was so glad she rented a van for the reunion. It was a big help.

We love hearing stories about happy customers and their fun adventures! It’s a relief to hear when people find ease in maneuvering our trucks. It makes us feel better about renting them out to people! 

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Graduation Season Van Rental

A van rental can come in handy during graduation season. It can be cumbersome to transport large, heavy items for graduation parties like tables, chairs and equipment. A van rental would expedite the process. Given that the van has a greater capacity than the average sedan, that will reduce the number of trips between locations to transport everything.   

Graduation Party

Stephen needed a van for the coming weekend for his son’s graduation party. He had just graduated high school and they needed to move things to the house for the party. He had actually rented a Uhaul van from us a few years ago. We recognized him when he stopped by to pick up the van!

Van Rental for the Big Day

Within 10 minutes from his arrival, we had his van ready to go – paperwork and everything. We were talking story with him in the mean time and that’s when we recognized him from a few years ago! He was happy with his service back then and decided to return.

We’re glad that our van was a part of their big fun day – congratulations to the new high school graduate!

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Past Storage Unit Tenants Visit us for Dilly Rentals

Ola was a storage unit tenant with us for a long time – 2 years! His business, We Are More in Maui specializes in safety and security solutions for home and business spaces. His storage unit was helpful in operating his business. We have several business customers that use a storage space to help run their business.

Stay in Touch with Us!

He recently vacated his space with us last year and moved out. We still keep in touch with him on how the business is going. In fact, he recently stopped by to reserve a storage van with us while he was on O’ahu!

Storage tenants who leave Dillingham Self Storage tend to visit us again when in need of other services – like printing or storage vans. It’s nice to see old faces and stay in touch with their new happenings.

Traveling Businesses

Ola travels a lot between the islands, but the business is centered in Maui. When he was visiting O’ahu and needed a van, we were happy that he made us his first choice. He rented the cargo van for a week and it came in handy for his jobs while on the island.

See you again, Ola!

Thanks for stopping by Ola and we hope to see you again!   

Dilly rental vans

A storage rental can come in the form of a truck or van, not just an empty room in a building. Our new Dilly rental vans come in many different sizes and have been doing great every since we introduced our fleet to the Dillingham family! People have been loving our new vans.

Mark at Bamboo Flooring

We recently had a customer, Mark, reserve our 10’ transit van. Mark owns Bamboo Flooring Hawaii and needed the van to transport some of his supplies. This business specializes in bamboo flooring. Mark utilized our van to pick up and deliver supplies to customer. He was so happy with the service and price that he paid that he asked if we could keep some of his information on file for future reservations. Whenever someone rents our vans, we make a copy of their license and insurance so Mark asked for us to keep this all on file. We also took his credit card information down so the next time he rents one of our vans, the reservation and payment process will be much faster. The funny part of all this is that he thought we were still a uhaul dealer and that’s how he found us, but our Dilly vans did the job for him!

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Dilly Rentals Storage Vans Insurance Options

Rentals for storage vans, like our Dilly Rentals, can come with a secondary collision damage waiver for $15 a day.  This is optional, though.  This is why customers are always required to show proof of insurance prior to taking the vehicle out.  This means that if they decline the secondary waiver, they will rely on their own insurance should something happen.  Drivers are responsible for the first $2500 of damage and loss, plus all necessary repairs.  They can work with their insurance company for reimbursement or just have the insurance cut us a check for the repairs. 

CDW Options

However, if they add the CDW ($15/day,) they are only responsible for a $1000 deductible.  Not many customers know the details of their insurance policies until it’s too late.  In most cases, if you have full coverage, your insurance company can take care of the cost of damages, and you’ll pay the insurance deductible out of pocket.  However, if you only have liability coverage, insurance companies won’t cover the cost of damages and you’ll end up having to pay out of pocket. 

Many customers don’t fully understand our insurance and collision damage waiver policy for our Dilly Rentals. It’s important to understand what your personal insurance coverage is before renting a Dilly Rental – or any rental for that matter.  We require a valid driver’s license, a credit/ debit card, and a copy of your valid auto insurance, to rent the vehicle. 

Ask your Insurance

This is why we suggest that people check with their insurance companies what exactly their coverage entails.  People should do this before they rent our vehicles.  Nobody likes to file insurance claims because of the hassle and long process.  

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Adam’s Moving Van

Adam’s Moving van

Our dilly rental vans are great storage vans for moving items or moving between homes.  With the technology and comfortable seats, it makes for a convenient ride. And we know how stressful moving can be, so it’s important to have the right tools before you move.  


Adam called us to make a reservation for a van 2 weeks before needing it.  He knew he would need it and decided to plan ahead. He needed the van to move to his new place that day.  

Catching Up with Adam

On the actual day that he needed the van, the weather was horrible!  It was raining like crazy and overcast weather pretty much all day. When he came in to pick up the van he was complaining about how unpleasant the weather was and how inconvenient it would be to move his items in the rain with a high probability of getting everything wet.  


When we dispatch vans, there’s some paperwork to do but we usually get through it pretty quickly.  As for Adam, it took a while because we were just chatting with him for such a long time! It was so nice to chat with him, he’s pretty funny and a great conversationalist.  

Hope to See you Soon

Adam left a very sweet review for us on our Yelp page because he enjoyed his time with us so much!  Thanks Adam, can’t wait to see you again!