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Dilly rentals getting good reviews

We have switched over from Uhaul vehicles to our own Dilly rental vehicles and we’re so happy about it. We’re so happy our loyal customers have carried over to our new rentals and that we get to advertise Dillingham self storage on our vehicles!

We recently had a customer leave an awesome Yelp review about our Dilly rentals. She rented one of our vehicles to pick up a sectional couch from Costco she had just purchased. Clarisse was in a rush to get a rental truck because she didn’t have a truck to transport the couch (which was on sale,) so she finds us on Yelp and calls us. Our prices were great deals for her, also considering that we were right around the corner from Costco it was very convenient for her.

Everyone should read Clarisse’s review that she left about us on Yelp because it’s pretty amusing and has pictures of some of the interior of our vans, if you’re interested from a consumer’s perspective. She ended the review with, “Bottom line, if you’re gonna rent a moving van, I would go here first.  I sell real estate, and I’m recommending them to all my clients from now on.”

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Same Day Reservations for Dilly Rental Vans

Dillingham storage prioritizes customer service, as you all may already know. We have rapid turnaround time for answering questions, provide the best guidance in choosing the right product, and make an effort to know our tenants personally.

Same Day Reservations

Sam, a recent customer, came in one day inquiring about renting a van that same day. We luckily had a storage van available for rent that day just sitting in our parking lot! Sam was excited to hear that.

For Sam, English isn’t his first language, and for most of our staff, English is our only language. So, communicating with him and doing the necessary paperwork was slightly difficult. We took our time and were very patient with him. We went through the documents, our required rates and necessary details.

Patience with Customers

We wanted to make sure that we were transparent with him and fully communicative of the process. Once we cleared that up, we signed the paperwork and Sam was off with the van!

Another Happy Customer!

Sam was thankful and appreciative that we reviewed the details of the documents with him. He knew it was slightly difficult because of the language barrier – but we didn’t let that phase us! Sam expressed to us multiple times before leaving of his appreciation for our patience. We would never let language be a barrier for someone to access our services at dillingham self storage!

Need a storage van? We got you.

Alex was in need of a storage van and called on us to help him out.  He had been a tenant with us for almost 7 years until he moved into a warehouse space.  

Available for him that same day

At the beginning of the month he had called us to see if we had a Dilly rental storage van available for him that same day.  We did!  He stopped by within an hour to pick it up and we were able to catch up with him when he was here.

We’ll always be his first call

He said we’ll always be his first call when it comes to storage vans, because he knows we’ll take good care of him! It was nice to see Alex and catch up, we like seeing how our tenants and clients are doing, even after they’ve left us!

Feel free to give us a call

If you have questions about our storage vans, feel free to give us a call. If you’re in need of a storage van last minute, the only way you’ll find out is if you call us!  Like in Alex’s case, we were able to help him out the day he needed it.  

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Joe’s cargo van

Joe looked up car storage honolulu when he moved to Oahu from the Big Island and decided on us. Many of our past tenants and customers have written very sweet reviews of us on Yelp, so we come up first on there for “car storage honolulu.”

Moving into the new place

He had shipped his things through YB and rented a cargo van of ours to pick up his items at the port. He received a call that his container had arrived with all of his things so he was prepared to pick them up. But then we were surprised to see him return the van in less than an hour! Apparently none of his items were ready and he had to wait further for his items to arrive. We felt so bad for Joe because that’s so disappointing!

Customer service

We gave him a full refund for the van. After he told us what happened, we didn’t want to charge him for the van! He came back about a week later to rent a van out to go get his things for the port. Moving can be really stressful because things like this happen all the time. It’s normal.

Things don’t arrive when they’re supposed to. However, at Dillingham Self Storage we want to make it as least stressful as possible by helping out however we can. Customer service is our priority. If you’re looking for car storage honolulu on google, we’ve got you covered! 

Dilly Van Rentals for Uniforms Hawaii

Clients that use our u haul rentals from us are still with us even though we don’t have u haul anymore! Now that we have our own Dilly Rental vans, some of our prior clients like Uniforms Hawaii, are still renting from us.

Been with us since our u haul rentals

Uniforms Hawaii is a major uniform supplier for several groups, such as the Honolulu Police Department, and the fire department, and also some hospital nurses. They’ve been with us for a while and we’re really happy to have them! They rent our vans on a regular basis and typically use them to transport uniforms. We allow them access to our entry and exit gates so they can park the van behind our gates if they needed to hold uniforms overnight.

We love Uniforms Hawaii!

This is Dilly Rentals’ way of feeling like we have a hand in helping the needs of people like HPD, HFD and our nurses! We’re also happy that people are still liking our rental vans, given that we recently introduced our own line of rentals and no longer are with u haul. If you’ve got any questions about rentals or need help moving this summer, give us a ring here at Dillingham!

Dilly Van Rentals

Moving furniture this summer?

If you’re moving homes this summer and need to move around some of your furniture storage, one of our big Dilly Rental vans can definitely come in handy. Some of our biggest vans are almost at 10’ and have the latest technology like a reverse camera on the rear view mirror!

Dan with Walgreens

One of our recent customers, Dan, called to rent out our 10’ van. When he came in to pick up the vehicle on a Saturday, we were talking story with him and found out that he works for Walgreens which holds an annual “Red Nose picnic” for the employees and their families to attend. Dan was in charge of moving tables and chairs for the big event that was going to be held at Kapiolani Park. After the event he thanked us for the van that evening and commented that he was so glad he reserved and rented the bigger van so that he only had to make 1 trip for the event instead of several trips throughout the day! Dan also appreciated the reverse camera and the fact that it was a newer model, it made the experience that much easier and enjoyable!

Our Dilly rental vans are very easy to drive even for people who aren’t used to driving such big vehicles!

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Tiffany and Ron’s vehicle rental

A few weeks ago we had a couple come in asking if they could rent a vehicle from us. Tiffany and Ron had called almost every Uhaul dealer on the island and pretty much no one had a vehicle available until later that evening.

When all the Uhaul dealers are booked

They were just driving by our facilities, after recently leaving a Uhaul dealer, and thought they might want to come in and ask about our vehicles. At that time, we had a 10’ transit van available to rent for the day. When they were ready to rent, they realized they forgot their insurance card, but we assured them that we’d hold it for them! Most Uhauls on the island get reserved within the first week of the month so that’s most likely why Tiffany and Ron couldn’t find anything available.

Dilly Rental to the rescue!

After Ron got back with his insurance card, we were able to get them on the road and driving within a few minutes. When they came back to return their van they commented how pleased they were with the service they received and were relieved that they had found us. If they ever need to rent another vehicle, they’ll definitely be back!

Dilly Van Rentals

Loyal U-haul customers love new van and truck rentals

We used to be one of U-haul’s top dealers back before we got our own rental vehicles. Since we’ve switched off of U-haul, we’re so lucky to have such loyal customers that have followed us with our new Dilly Rentals.

For example we have Rodney who has already scheduled regular van reservations up until the end of this year! Rodney is always using our vans and loves our new Dilly rentals compared to our old U-haul vans. Jim is also another regular customer who has been using our vans every two weeks since last December.

In addition to Rodney and Jim we’ve also got Eric and Chris, who are regulars with our rentals and come in periodically to take out one of our Dilly Rentals. We’re so happy that we were able to make such a good impression on these customers that they want to follow us and support us with our own Dilly rentals! We love these customers!

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U-haul rentals now Dilly rentals

We no longer rent out U-haul trucks but instead have our own set of rental vehicles for use! A few weeks ago we received a funny call from a customer, asking about our Dilly Rentals. He called to let us know that the logo on our vans say “Dilly rentals” when instead they should be saying “Daily rentals.” We started laughing because we intentionally named them Dilly Rentals on purpose! We explained to him that it actually wasn’t a misprint but that Dilly is short for Dillingham!  We thought it was really nice of a customer to call us and let us know, though. After our conversation we continued with reserving a van for him for the following week. We love receiving calls like this, even though we find it funny that he thought “Dilly” was a mistake!

Our Dilly rentals have been getting really popular lately, given that they’re cheaper than our old U-haul and they’re our own line of rentals! We’re so excited about them and love helping people book reservations because we know that moving vehicles can be really helpful in transporting large items like furniture and moving boxes and such.