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Dilly rental vans

A storage rental can come in the form of a truck or van, not just an empty room in a building. Our new Dilly rental vans come in many different sizes and have been doing great every since we introduced our fleet to the Dillingham family! People have been loving our new vans. Mark at […]

Dilly Rentals Storage Vans Insurance Options

Rentals for storage vans, like our Dilly Rentals, can come with a secondary collision damage waiver for $15 a day.  This is optional, though.  This is why customers are always required to show proof of insurance prior to taking the vehicle out.  This means that if they decline the secondary waiver, they will rely on […]

Adam’s Moving Van

Adam’s Moving van Our dilly rental vans are great storage vans for moving items or moving between homes.  With the technology and comfortable seats, it makes for a convenient ride. And we know how stressful moving can be, so it’s important to have the right tools before you move.     Adam called us to […]

Dilly rentals getting good reviews

We have switched over from Uhaul vehicles to our own Dilly rental vehicles and we’re so happy about it. We’re so happy our loyal customers have carried over to our new rentals and that we get to advertise Dillingham self storage on our vehicles! We recently had a customer leave an awesome Yelp review about […]

Same Day Reservations for Dilly Rental Vans

Dillingham storage prioritizes customer service, as you all may already know. We have rapid turnaround time for answering questions, provide the best guidance in choosing the right product, and make an effort to know our tenants personally. Same Day Reservations Sam, a recent customer, came in one day inquiring about renting a van that same […]

Need a storage van? We got you.

Alex was in need of a storage van and called on us to help him out.  He had been a tenant with us for almost 7 years until he moved into a warehouse space.   Available for him that same day At the beginning of the month he had called us to see if we […]

Joe’s cargo van

Joe looked up car storage honolulu when he moved to Oahu from the Big Island and decided on us. Many of our past tenants and customers have written very sweet reviews of us on Yelp, so we come up first on there for “car storage honolulu.” Moving into the new place He had shipped his […]

Dilly Van Rentals for Uniforms Hawaii

Clients that use our u haul rentals from us are still with us even though we don’t have u haul anymore! Now that we have our own Dilly Rental vans, some of our prior clients like Uniforms Hawaii, are still renting from us. Been with us since our u haul rentals Uniforms Hawaii is a […]

Moving furniture this summer?

If you’re moving homes this summer and need to move around some of your furniture storage, one of our big Dilly Rental vans can definitely come in handy. Some of our biggest vans are almost at 10’ and have the latest technology like a reverse camera on the rear view mirror! Dan with Walgreens One […]

Tiffany and Ron’s vehicle rental

A few weeks ago we had a couple come in asking if they could rent a vehicle from us. Tiffany and Ron had called almost every Uhaul dealer on the island and pretty much no one had a vehicle available until later that evening. When all the Uhaul dealers are booked They were just driving […]