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Dilly Van Rentals Traffic Changes

Dillingham Blvd. Construction Dilly Van Rentals will see some upcoming changes, particularly along Dillingham Blvd. We have been in communication with the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) regarding the construction for the rail project. The project will affect traffic flows especially in front of our building. The new changes mean that Dillingham Blvd. will […]

Truck Rental for Craft Fair

A Dilly Van truck rental is great for transporting vendor goods for public events, like craft fairs. We love working with small businesses, especially craft fair vendors. It is exciting and encouraging to see so many vendors back in action after the two year hiatus due to covid. Customers are also excited for the return […]

Dilly Truck Rentals for the Holidays

We love loyal customers. The Dilly truck rentals have some serious fans that have stayed with us over the years. These customers have watched us grow into the business we are. Thanks to them, we can offer a wide variety of trucks to fit individual customer needs. We offer tall box truck rentals as well […]

Truck Rental for Ronny

We love our loyal truck rental customers. We have had numerous returning customers that visit us years later and remember all of our office staff. We are proud of our high quality customer service and how much it attracts returning customers. Here at Dilly Van Rentals, we strive to offer the best experience to all […]

Van Rentals and Mechanic Shops

The van rentals have been popular with mechanic and auto body shops. We have worked with numerous business customers to help them find something that fits all of their business needs. We are so fortunate to work with such wonderful local businesses. It is great to see small businesses thriving again after the hardship of […]

Truck Rentals for Business Customers

Our truck rentals offer some of the best rates and quality in town. We prioritize safety and  cleanliness for our Dilly Van Rentals. Our customers know they are picking up a high quality vehicle that’s up to par on maintenance and inspections. That’s why we have so many repeat customers that keep coming back for […]

Truck Rental for Birthday Parties

Truck rentals are great for events like birthday parties and concerts. We have numerous customers rent our trucks for a day or two just to set up and breakdown all of the large party items. For example, tables, chairs, speaker systems and tents are all too large to fit in the back of an ordinary […]

Truck Rentals for Farmers’ Markets

Our truck rentals are incredibly versatile. They can be great for personal use, such as moving into a new home, or for business use. We have had many businesses in the past use our trucks for attending events, transporting large items to a new location or just for everyday use. We love our business customers […]

Box Truck Rental Market

The box truck rental market has grown in popularity because the truck shape makes it much easier to organize moving boxes. It also helps to maximize space in the moving truck. If all of your items resemble some rectangular shape, it can be so much easier to pack things into a box truck compared to […]

Moving Van Rental for the Summer

The moving van rental market has grown in size and demand over the years. The summer months bring significantly higher demand for truck rentals because many customers are purchasing new homes and need the transportation for all their moving needs. We have several customers who come from the nearby Costco around the corner who are […]