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Truck Rental for Birthday Parties

Truck rentals are great for events like birthday parties and concerts. We have numerous customers rent our trucks for a day or two just to set up and breakdown all of the large party items. For example, tables, chairs, speaker systems and tents are all too large to fit in the back of an ordinary […]

Truck Rentals for Farmers’ Markets

Our truck rentals are incredibly versatile. They can be great for personal use, such as moving into a new home, or for business use. We have had many businesses in the past use our trucks for attending events, transporting large items to a new location or just for everyday use. We love our business customers […]

Box Truck Rental Market

The box truck rental market has grown in popularity because the truck shape makes it much easier to organize moving boxes. It also helps to maximize space in the moving truck. If all of your items resemble some rectangular shape, it can be so much easier to pack things into a box truck compared to […]

Moving Van Rental for the Summer

The moving van rental market has grown in size and demand over the years. The summer months bring significantly higher demand for truck rentals because many customers are purchasing new homes and need the transportation for all their moving needs. We have several customers who come from the nearby Costco around the corner who are […]

Truck Rental for New Furniture

A truck rental from our Dilly Van Rentals can be especially useful for new furniture owners! If you’re looking for an easy way to drive furniture home from a place like Costco, stop by our Dilly Van Rentals and that can easily be done. We are a very short drive from Costco, which is convenient […]

Mr. Park’s Box Truck Rental

The box truck rental is one of the most popular van rentals on the market. The van is quite literally in the shape of a box, hence the name “box truck rental.” They are incredibly efficient if you are moving cube-shaped items that can easily fit into the truck and occupy all of the vacant […]

Clark’s Truck Rental

We love having positive and impressionable interactions with our Dilly truck rental customers. We know truck rentals can be expensive and if they are used for moving, it can be a stressful experience. Here at Dilly Van Rentals, we try our best to make the experience as simple as possible for you.  Truck Rental Gas […]

Moving Van Rental Recovered

Each moving van rental is quite literally precious cargo to us! They are a high priority for us, which is why we are so diligent in caring and maintaining them.  Recovered Moving Van Rental Recently, a moving van rental went missing. It was classified as an overdue rental according to our police report. Although it […]

Van Rentals’ Requirements

Our van rentals are in excellent condition for a good reason. We take good care of them, both mechanically and hygienically. We also require valid driver’s licenses, auto insurance documents and a credit or debit card when you come in to pick up the vehicle. All documents must be current and valid. For example, if […]

Van Rental Reviews

We love our van rental customers. We especially love it when they leave reviews on Yelp or Google! These reviews help support our business in more ways than we can list. Many small businesses, such as ours, have had a stressful time during the pandemic, and we appreciate any support from our customers. Google and […]