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Box Truck Rental Market

The box truck rental market has grown in popularity because the truck shape makes it much easier to organize moving boxes. It also helps to maximize space in the moving truck. If all of your items resemble some rectangular shape, it can be so much easier to pack things into a box truck compared to a van with curved edges. 

Paul’s Box Truck Rental

Paul recently rented a 14’ box truck from us and although he had to reschedule a few times, it was nice to finally meet him and put a face to his voice. When he stopped by the front office to pick up the keys, he said he would pass our information along to people in his building. He knows that people who are paying for moving services would probably benefit from knowing that they can do it themselves with a box truck rental. Given our competitive rates, a truck rental would make it cheaper to carry out the move yourself instead of hiring a moving company. Paul was impressed with our customer service and we are so excited to add him to our list of returning customers! 


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Mr. Park’s Box Truck Rental

The box truck rental is one of the most popular van rentals on the market. The van is quite literally in the shape of a box, hence the name “box truck rental.” They are incredibly efficient if you are moving cube-shaped items that can easily fit into the truck and occupy all of the vacant space. This is the most effective use of space for moving customers.

Box Truck Rental

Mr. Park was moving homes and he needed a 14’ box truck to move into his new place in Ewa Beach. We were surprised and impressed that Mr. Clark did not rent a vehicle close to either moving locations but instead drove to Dillingham Blvd. all the way from Ewa Beach for one of our vehicles! He let us know that he contacted a number of places and that their prices were ridiculous. His friend recommended us, and we’re so glad he did! Mr. Clark chose to rent from us and he said the driving was worth it for our price. He also was happy to contribute to a locally owned company that offers great customer service. We love hearing comments like these. 


We also offer other services on property, such as print shop services and storage units.

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Box Truck Rental for Home Projects

Glenn is a returning customer for a box truck rental. He is working on a home remodeling project so he expects to be moving heavy, large items over the next few months on a periodic basis. We know of many local families who take on home remodeling projects or home gardening plans that require a larger vehicle for transporting large items. If your average sedan cannot fit these items for you, give us a call! 

Competitive Rates

Upon returning his rental, Glenn commented on how our truck rental rates are competitive compared to other van rental companies. He mentioned that we have better rates than most and are always very helpful. We know Glenn will be returning for his future home projects! 

Box Truck Rental for Home Projects

Glenn is one of many examples to show how useful a box truck rental can be with projects, such as his home remodeling projects! If you are in need of a large vehicle for your big projects, give us a call. We would love to give you a lift. 

If you would like to see our customer testimony so you can make the best decision, check out our reviews on our Yelp page.

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Box Truck Rental Customers

A box truck rental can come in handy when moving big items, even if you are not moving between homes. Some customers use our rentals to move large purchases from furniture stores to their home. Or moving things from Costco after purchasing large items.

Box Truck Rentals for Moving Furniture

Cynthia called to reserve a box truck rental for her and her husband to use. They had a few big purchases to pick up from stores and wanted to reserve a large vehicle for her husband to drive them home. He had never driven a vehicle that large before. When they returned it, he commented on how much he liked driving a big truck. It was a smooth ride, and they got all of their furniture transported in one ride.

Happy Customers

Overall they were very happy with the rental. So happy that her husband wants to get a big truck now to drive around! He said it’s her fault if he ends up getting a truck. We all had a good laugh at the office. We love our customers and love having these interactions with them. Have fun shopping for trucks, Cynthia!


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Box Truck Rental is Helpful

A box truck rental can be useful for moving items that cannot fit in a van. Box trucks provide ample room for taller items that cannot be transported in a moving van or cargo van. We have many customers renting these for moving rectangular boxes as they can fit efficiently into a box truck. Box trucks are also great for moving several large items at once, like three pieces of furniture or couches. Although one of these may fit into one of our smaller vans, it would be more efficient to move all three in one trip using a box truck.

Jack’s Truck Rental

Jack has been renting from our fleet multiple times throughout the month. He drives a mini cargo van for his company and uses our box trucks when he needs to pick up items that cannot fit in the van. He has been a regular Dilly Rentals customer stopping by on a weekly basis to pick up a box truck rental. We’re happy to help our regular customers because they typically place their reservations weeks in advance!