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Truck Rental for Teacher

A Dilly Truck Rental can be useful for moving large items between locations. We have several small business owners rent vans for events, transporting inventory and other business-related purposes. We love working with small businesses! We interact with a wide variety of business professionals who rent our trucks. For example, we work with artists, plumbers, small business owners of all sorts and most recently, teachers! 

Truck Rental for the New School Year

Becky is an elementary school teacher here in Honolulu. She was in the process of moving schools for the upcoming school year and was in need of a van rental. Becky came to us to pick up a Dilly Truck rental. She knew we had safe, spacious, reliable vehicles that could serve her moving needs. Teachers do so much for our community, raising and educating the next generation. We love to work with teachers. Becky mentioned that she was moving from a Kalihi school to a Nanakuli middle school. She had a lot of things to move between the two locations and it would be more efficient for her to get a truck rental and do it all in one trip. We agree! We wish Becky all the best in the upcoming school year and hope she has a great time at her new school. 

Truck Rental

We also offer other services on property, such as storage and printing.

Truck Rental

Truck Rental for Craft Fair

A Dilly Van truck rental is great for transporting vendor goods for public events, like craft fairs. We love working with small businesses, especially craft fair vendors. It is exciting and encouraging to see so many vendors back in action after the two year hiatus due to covid. Customers are also excited for the return of these public events!

Ray’s Truck Rental

Ray lives on a neighboring island but recently flew down to O’ahu for a craft fair at the Blaisdell. She contacted several truck rental businesses and concluded that we have the best rental rates in town. Before leaving for O’ahu, she reserved a truck with us over the phone. We were happy to provide that for her! Upon picking up her truck, she checked if we had any available storage units. Luckily, we did. Ray decided to store her unsold items in a storage unit with us. This was a convenient option for her rather than transporting her items via plane back home. She’ll be back for the next craft fair in February! We love it when we can provide several services to a single customer. It makes their lives easier and makes our Dilly ohana happy! Vendors who are frequently traveling can benefit from a local storage unit to store their items and goods. Storage units are secure and more cost efficient than paying for extra airplane cargo. We offer storage units in several sizes to fit your business needs.    


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and print services.

Truck Rental

Truck Rental for Ronny

We love our loyal truck rental customers. We have had numerous returning customers that visit us years later and remember all of our office staff. We are proud of our high quality customer service and how much it attracts returning customers. Here at Dilly Van Rentals, we strive to offer the best experience to all of our customers. We know that for many, that’s what keeps them coming back for more over the years! Many of our customers have watched us grow and expand over the years.  We’ve grown our own fleet of trucks and now lease just Dilly van rentals. We no longer are a distributor for Uhaul truck rentals. We are very proud of the growth of our Dilly Van Rentals. They have grown in popularity over the years, especially during the busy summer seasons!

Truck Rental for Ronny

Ronny is one of those dedicated, long time customers. She first used a truck rental from us almost 7 years ago. She was incredibly pleased with the service and came back for more. We are so happy that Ronny remembered us and came back for another truck rental. Now that we have our own fleet of Dilly vans, we are excited for customers who have not tried these vans out yet. Ronny remembered each of us and it was like she never left! We love catching up with customers after not seeing them for a long time. It makes us feel like family. 


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and print services

Truck Rental

Truck Rental for New Furniture

A truck rental from our Dilly Van Rentals can be especially useful for new furniture owners! If you’re looking for an easy way to drive furniture home from a place like Costco, stop by our Dilly Van Rentals and that can easily be done. We are a very short drive from Costco, which is convenient for big furniture purchases that need a larger van to transport these items. Our vans can be rented out without a prior reservation. Although we recommend reservations during busy seasons, such as the summer months, we can still easily lend you a van without an advance reservation. We have several van sizes to accommodate your needs, depending on how many furniture pieces you’re taking home! Each truck rental is rented at a flat rate plus a small charge for each mile driven. Our vans do not have to be rented out for an entire day or overnight, they can be returned in the afternoon before closing. 

Truck Rental for Large Items

We noticed an influx of these furniture customers from stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Costco nearby. There must be big sales at these places to explain the high demand for truck rentals!  


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and print shop services.

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Clark’s Truck Rental

We love having positive and impressionable interactions with our Dilly truck rental customers. We know truck rentals can be expensive and if they are used for moving, it can be a stressful experience. Here at Dilly Van Rentals, we try our best to make the experience as simple as possible for you. 

Truck Rental Gas Mileage

Clark’s first van rental with us went very well. He was happy with our services and especially was a fan of how simple our pricing system is. We charge an equipment rental rate per vehicle of $19.95 for a 24-hr period (assuming the vehicle is available,) plus a charge of $0.75 per mile driven in the vehicle, and then we require the driver to refill the gas tank. The gas economy for our vans is about 20 miles per gallon and they hold a fuel tank capacity of 26 gallons. Our vans take unleaded fuel (regular octane,) and are some of the best vans on the market in terms of efficiency and quality.


Clark chose us for his van rental because he was so pleased with the customer service we delivered. He was confident that he wouldn’t receive this kind of treatment anywhere else! 


We also offer other services on property, such as print shop services and storage units.

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Anna’s Truck Rental

A truck rental is versatile. They can serve several purposes other than just moving large items. We have some customers who utilize them as a temporary storage unit instead. Vans can be rented out for a few days so if you are only interested in temporary storage for a few days, this may be an option for you. 

Truck Rental vs. Storage Unit

Anna and her husband were making their move off the island to the mainland. They were here in the islands for many years but the rise in cost of living and pandemic unemployment conditions were not working well for them. She had a truck rental with us to load her items and take them to the port for shipping. Unfortunately, shipping was delayed and she needed to store her items for a few days until they were ready. Although we had a storage unit available, we do not prorate units for a few days and Anna would have to pay for the full month. 


We offered her an alternative which was to rent her another van and load her items in there. She could keep the van in our parking lot behind the gate until shipping was ready to go. This was a much cheaper and effective option for her. We were happy to provide this option to Anna because we know moving can be stressful! 


We also offer other services on property. We have printing services and storage units available!

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Truck Rental for Graduation Season

Truck rentals are great for graduation season. They can carry multiple oversized items in one trip. This year, families are planning their own drive-by graduation ceremonies. If you are setting up a massive balloon arch, posters, signs, maybe even tents and music to host in your drive by, a truck rental will definitely come in handy! Dilly trucks come in all different sizes.

Truck Rental Sizes

We offer three van sizes: cargo van, 10’ moving van and 14’ box truck. See our main page for dimensions and volume specifications for each of these. The largest van, the 14’ box truck, offers a 6.5’x6’ back door opening. It’s great for loading large items. It can approximately fit the size of 1-2 bedroom sets. Depending on the size of your graduation ceremony setup, this may be the truck for you. Our smallest cargo van may also be the size to fit your needs. Each van offers interior tie-down rings to stabilize items while in transport. 

Call and Reserve

The van rentals get busy during graduation season and the following summer months. We recommend calling in advance to book your truck rental. Make a reservation as soon as you know of the day that you’ll need it! 


Check out our other services on property, such as storage and printing.

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Truck Rental Insurance Policies

We want our truck rental customers to be fully informed and educated on the insurance requirements for our vans. It’s important to understand the extent to which your auto insurance will cover damages on a rental vehicle. 

Truck Rental Collision Damage Waiver Policy

To initially begin the truck rental process, we require a valid driver’s license, credit/debit card and a copy of your valid auto insurance card. This is to be provided up front prior to taking the vehicle out. If something were to happen to the vehicle that caused damage or loss, the customer is responsible for the first $2500 of the repair costs. The driver’s auto insurance is the primary source of insurance. However, if the customer purchased our optional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) for $15.00 a day, they would only be responsible for paying the $1000 deductible. If the customer declines the CDW, that means they are completely reliant on their own insurance to cover the first $2500 cost of damage and loss. However, not all auto insurance policies will cover the cost of damage to a rental vehicle. Some companies will not cover the cost of damages at all and the customer will have to pay the $2500 out of pocket. For example, if a customer only has liability coverage, the insurance company typically will not cover the cost of the damages. We recommend our customers to look into their auto insurance policies to see if they have coverage for rental vehicles. 


If you are interested in some of our other services on property, check out our Dillingham Self Storage and Dilly Print Shop!

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The Best Storage Place for Laura

Laura was renting a truck rental from our fleet of Dilly Van Rentals to help her moving process. She was moving into a new place and transporting all of her items in storage to the new home. Laura had called us to reserve a cargo van but we did not realize that she was already a storage tenant with us, and had been with us for almost a year.

Moving Truck Rental

She stopped by to pick up the van and we realized she was a tenant! Laura was talking story with us while picking up the van and packing her belongings into it. She shared how much she liked it here at Dillingham Self Storage. She commented on how clean and safe it was. Laura recommended us to all of her friends looking around for storage units. She really thinks we are the best storage place!

The Best Storage Place

Upon Laura’s returning the cargo van and her departure, she came to pass out hugs to all of the staff! She thanked us for being “the best storage place she’s ever been to,” and said goodbye to each of us. We love it when people stop to talk story with us or just let us know what they like about us!  

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March of Dimes Truck Rental

Big events can benefit from the help of a truck rental. It’s cheaper, faster and easier to transport items on a large vehicle. Santa’s helpers will make less trips, using less people and less gas. It’s an efficient strategy to pack it into one large van instead of multiple small cars.

March of Dimes Truck Rental

March of Dimes celebrated their 80th anniversary in November 2018 and needed a van for the weekend of the gala. A representative from the non profit, Carmella, called us to make reservations for a van. She had used our van rental services before and told us she was always happy with the product, so she came back to us this second time around.  


It makes us so happy when our vehicles are used for big events for a great cause, like for March of Dimes. The nonprofit organization works to improve the health of mothers and babies so to prevent infant mortality and birth defects.