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Truck Rental for Birthday Parties

Truck rentals are great for events like birthday parties and concerts. We have numerous customers rent our trucks for a day or two just to set up and breakdown all of the large party items. For example, tables, chairs, speaker systems and tents are all too large to fit in the back of an ordinary sedan. Although they may fit in the back of a pickup truck or a minivan, you would still need to make multiple trips to successfully transport all of the items. A truck rental would solve all transportation problems.

Truck Rental for Zeke

Zeke recently had a 14’ box truck rental from us. He needed it to host his son’s birthday party. Him and his wife live in Waianae but the party was in Mililani. We recommended that he look into a vendor in between the two locations to save money on mileage and gas expenses. Zeke was adamant on renting a truck from us because he was happy with our rates and impressed by our excellent customer reviews. We were shocked that he chose us even though we are located in Kalihi! When Zeke and his wife stopped by to pick up the truck, we chatted with them for hours. We talked to them as if we’ve known them forever. We traded some party planning tips and talked story with them as if they were family. We were happy to help with his son’s birthday party and glad that it all worked out for them!


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Truck Rentals for Farmers’ Markets

Our truck rentals are incredibly versatile. They can be great for personal use, such as moving into a new home, or for business use. We have had many businesses in the past use our trucks for attending events, transporting large items to a new location or just for everyday use. We love our business customers just as much as our personal customers. Given the popular summer events, there has also been an increase in the demand for truck rentals. 

Truck Rentals for Francis’ Frozen Yogurt

Francis recently made a reservation for a cargo van with us. When he stopped by to pick up the vehicle, we learned that his frozen yogurt store is right up the street from us. Since that first reservation, he has come in three times this month for more truck rentals. We learned that he is participating in farmers’ market events around town this month. The vans have come in very good use for his frozen yogurt booth at these events. We look forward to seeing Francis at these events and hope that his frozen yogurt business performs well at the farmers’ markets!  

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Truck Rentals for Christmas Deliveries

We have truck rentals for all your Christmas gift-delivering needs! You don’t need Santa’s sleigh to deliver all of your presents, just a Dilly Van Rental. Our trucks come in a variety of sizes that are great for delivering oversized, large items. We even have areas for tie-down straps that provide extra security to that precious cargo. You can also have one passenger accompany you in the passenger seat to keep an eye on your items while in transport. 

Truck Rentals for Holiday Events

Trucks are also great for event setup and transporting large items like chairs, tables and speakers for sound systems. We know how difficult it is to transport all of this in a small sedan. That requires multiple trips. It’s easier to do it all in one trip with a large truck. Our trucks can accommodate all shapes and sizes of items. Depending on what you are transporting, we offer small sprinter vans which are great for smaller items. But, for larger items, we have bigger truck rentals that are great for these bulky items. Our trucks are inspected after each user and thoroughly sanitized. They also offer smooth rides and great handling, making it easier to transport and deliver delicate items.   


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Truck Rentals for Office Furniture

Our truck rentals can be useful in moving large, bulky items, like office furniture! It would be much easier to move everything in one drive compared to taking several trips to move large items.

Truck Rentals for Furniture

Wendell and his co-worker were driving down Dillingham Blvd. when they say our 14’ box truck parked out front. The truck says “Rent this truck!” on the side, and that definitely caught their eyes! Wendell gave us a call immediately and asked if the truck was available. Fortunately, it was! He turned around, stopped by, and rented the truck from us. They were actually on their way to get a truck rental from another moving company when they saw our truck. It was great timing for them, and for us! They used the truck to move some office furniture and were done within a few hours. They commented that our truck was a cleaner, smoother ride compared to the truck they rented the week before. We are so happy they saw us and could get a truck rental in time for what they needed. We look forward to seeing you two again! 


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Truck Rentals and Safety Checks

Our truck rentals are in good condition for a reason. We take good care of our vehicles and prioritize cleanliness and a good-looking exterior. One way we do this is by doing inspections with customers before taking the vehicle out and after upon returning. 

Safety Checks Before and After Renting

The process to rent out one of our truck rentals includes customers completing a safety qualification record form before taking the vehicle out. In completing this, customers walk around the vehicle to mark any visible dents or damages. Many car rental vendors require this. We do this so that both customers and staff are aware of damages before leaving the parking lot. We encourage customers to leave detailed records of the vehicle, and maybe even take a few pictures if that’s possible. We want our customers to feel well-aware of every corner of the vehicle. Although this takes extra time, these few minutes of familiarizing yourself with the vehicle can make a big difference when it’s time to drive. Upon returning the truck, we do a safety inspection with customers to check for any new dents or damages that the customer may be responsible for. We know this takes more of your time, but it is essential for us to do this. 


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Truck Rentals in High Demand

Truck rentals are still in high demand. With so many car rental companies selling their fleets, visiting tourists are looking to rent our Dilly Van Rentals. As a result, we have been jam packed all summer. Our front desk has been fielding calls left and right from customers looking for vehicle rentals on vacation. Now that tourism is ramping up in the islands, car rentals are in high demand. Although a large truck rental may be unpleasant to drive while on vacation, some people are desperate for transportation! We have also seen some local ads for residents renting out their personal vehicles to visiting tourists. 

Truck Rentals for Moving

In order to accomodate customers who need truck rentals for moving purposes, we are offering reservations only for a 2-day maximum usage period. This is to ensure that customers looking for moving vehicles are able to reserve one. One of our loyal Dilly customers thanked us for not renting vans out for weeks at a time. We like to stay on good terms with our regulars who use vans for summer events! We’re hoping that the vehicle rental market balances out in the near future. 


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Truck Rentals and Tourists

Truck rentals are popular among tourists. As more restrictions are lifted everyday, tourists are making their way back to the islands. We never expected for our trucks to be intended for tourists but we have had so many inquiries from people on vacation to rent a vehicle. We have heard from several people that rental car companies are charging high prices, indirectly pushing tourists to look into cargo vans for their vacation. This was a big surprise to us! 

Truck Rentals While on Vacation

This unexpected flow of customers adds to our regular customers looking for trucks for craft fair season. We are happy to see our trucks going out but are shocked at whose renting them! There are other cargo and moving van rentals on the island that have reported the same phenomenon. We are not the only ones. This is another reason why we encourage our regular customers to reserve vans as soon as they know their show dates. We know how important truck rentals are for busy season. Dilly Van Rentals has several regular customers that use our vans for craft fairs and farmers’ markets


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Truck Rentals and Safety Tips

Dilly Truck rentals are convenient and efficient for moving. They come in handy for moving large objects in one trip. It can be difficult to move several large items with a smaller sedan-size vehicle. We have several customers rent our vehicles for big events or for moving homes.  

Stolen Catalytic Converters

We want to make our truck rental customers aware of a recent increase in stolen catalytic converters on vehicles. These can be costly repairs. These are components attached to the undercarriage of a vehicle and are important to control exhaust emissions. The best way to avoid this is to park your vehicle in a position so that it is difficult to access the undercarriage. The easiest way to know if your converter has been stolen is to start your car up every morning, regardless if you are going to actually drive it. If the car is lacking a catalytic converter, the sound will be noticeably louder and will sound like it has no muffler. If this is the case, file a police report immediately. Some insurance companies may cover this cost if there is an official police report file. If you think this may have happened to your Dilly truck while you were renting it, let us know and we can find a solution. We also recommend that all of our renters have full insurance coverage, even for rentals. 

Truck Rentals and Other Services

The Dilly Truck rentals offers other services like self storage and printing. Check out our other sites for more information. All services are conveniently offered on property.

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Truck Rentals and Maintenance

Bryan Maintains our Truck Rentals

The fleet of truck rentals for Dilly Rentals requires a lot of attention and care. At the beginning of the year when the pandemic first broke out, business was slow for the vans. We took this opportunity to fix up the fleet and do all of the routine maintenance. Bryan at AutoCare has been such a great help for this. We always go to him when we have damage claims to address. Bryan delivers high quality customer service and maintenance. He’s wonderful working with various customer’s insurance companies and does fantastic work.


If you are looking for a body shop to take good care of your vehicles, Bryan is the best! We highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. His contact number is 808-836-5887. We love working with local businesses that deliver high quality service and prioritize their customers. Bryan keeps our truck rentals in the best shape. When it comes to vehicle maintenance and safety, we trust none other than the best, and that’s Bryan at AutoCare! He always makes sure we’re running smoothly and safely. 

Other Services

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Truck Rentals for Business

The state shut down has has an impact on small businesses – and still is. We love supporting local and are happy to facilitate entrepreneurs through our Dillingham ohana. We have had several customers utilize our truck rentals to support their business. Transporting supplies for events, trade shows and swap meets can be cumbersome – and time consuming. Driving one truck that can serve as the primary vehicle can simplify the setup process for an entrepreneur. 

Swap Meet Truck Rentals

Mary was a loyal customer of ours who has a vendor booth at the swap meet. Due to the shutdown, the swap meet was also closed down. This was incredibly unfortunate for all vendors involved and was a difficult time for many. Mary was very happy to hear the news that the swap meet could open again. She was quick to contact us to reserve a truck rental for her first weekend back!  We are really happy for Mary to get back into business again. She was very excited to reserve a truck rental for a few weekends in June. We love seeing entrepreneurs and local businesses get back into shape and open up safely again. It’s wonderful to see, and we are happy to facilitate it with our Dilly Van Rentals. 


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