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Van Rental Reviews

We love our van rental customers. We especially love it when they leave reviews on Yelp or Google! These reviews help support our business in more ways than we can list. Many small businesses, such as ours, have had a stressful time during the pandemic, and we appreciate any support from our customers. Google and Yelp reviews attract new customers to our doors, something that we can never get enough of! 

Yelp and Google Reviews

This past week, we received two five star reviews for our van rentals and storage units. Julia left us a five star review on our storage yelp page and Kimberly left us a five star review on our Dilly Van Rentals yelp page. Please leave us a review if you love our van rental services! We look forward to reading your comments. Our team works so hard to provide high quality services and we enjoy reading positive customer reviews. These reviews also signal to potential customers that we are a reputable business, and encouraging customers to try our services. We also encourage you to leave reviews for other small businesses who are struggling during this pandemic to keep the doors open!


We also offer other services on property, like storage units and printing services.

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Birthday Van Rental

A van rental can come in handy for many reasons. Most people rent them for moving large items or moving between homes in general. It can be easier to make one “big trip” instead of several “smaller trips” like by packing in your sedan, for example. Some also use it for other things, like events. Birthday parties, graduation parties and other big events that require transportation of large items, can employ the use of a van rental. 

Birthday Van Rental

A student at Hawaii Community College, which is right across the street from us, asked about a van rental for her son’s birthday party. She was planning on it being pretty big with many people and activities! So, she needed a van to transport some things. She had used our vans before and was familiar with our services. While on a break from classes, she stopped by and we reserved the van for her. 

Van Rentals are Helpful

After she returned the van, she commented on how much of a big help it was. It was convenient for her to move the tables and chairs to the party location. Event planning can be stressful as it is, so any bit of help counts! The same goes for weddings and events with large crowds that need several pieces of large furniture.

Dillingham Self Storage

If you’re moving and also need a storage unit for the time being, check out our Dillingham Self Storage facilities. You can rent out a van, then move into your storage unit right there! Then return the van in the same place!

Van Rentals

Loyal Van Rental Customers

We love our van rental customers that return for more. That’s how we know we’re doing a good job. When customers rent a van with us for the first time and realize how helpful and useful they are in moving things, they come back for more. We have customers who book our vans months in advance for several events across numerous weeks, just to make sure they have it for their event.

Van Rental Bookings

Walter was one of our first customers to test out our Dilly Van Rentals when we got our new fleet in 2016. This is when we first transitioned from U-Haul to our own fleet of vans. Walter loved our fleet so much that he comes back every year to rent it for his events. He books them out months in advance for his scheduled events. Walter likes having them scheduled out in advance for reassurance. We recommend this to all of our Dilly Van Rental customers to schedule them in advance as they fill up quickly, especially during the moving and holiday seasons.

How to Book

Our van rentals tend to sell out during the popular seasons, so we recommend booking in advance.  You can call to place a reservation or email us online.  We’re pretty good at replying to emails in a timely manner and we’re also good on the phones!

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Big Event Van Rentals

A van rental can be useful for big events that require transportation of large items such as chairs and tables. For example, Athena was having a family reunion on the opposite side of the island and wanted to take everything in one load. Athena wanted to avoid making multiple trips from her house to the campsite hence she preferred to use a van rental to get the job done. 

Pleasant Surprise for a Van Rental

She inquired about renting our cargo van for a week and we had an opening for the dates she needed!

When she returned the following week to hand in the van, she commented on how nice, clean and new the van was and how easy it was for her to drive it. She was pleasantly surprised! After talking with her, she commented that she drove more than she expected to. Athena described the camping experience and was so glad she rented a van for the reunion. It was a big help.

We love hearing stories about happy customers and their fun adventures! It’s a relief to hear when people find ease in maneuvering our trucks. It makes us feel better about renting them out to people! 

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Graduation Season Van Rental

A van rental can come in handy during graduation season. It can be cumbersome to transport large, heavy items for graduation parties like tables, chairs and equipment. A van rental would expedite the process. Given that the van has a greater capacity than the average sedan, that will reduce the number of trips between locations to transport everything.   

Graduation Party

Stephen needed a van for the coming weekend for his son’s graduation party. He had just graduated high school and they needed to move things to the house for the party. He had actually rented a Uhaul van from us a few years ago. We recognized him when he stopped by to pick up the van!

Van Rental for the Big Day

Within 10 minutes from his arrival, we had his van ready to go – paperwork and everything. We were talking story with him in the mean time and that’s when we recognized him from a few years ago! He was happy with his service back then and decided to return.

We’re glad that our van was a part of their big fun day – congratulations to the new high school graduate!