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Dilly Van Rentals Traffic Changes

Dillingham Blvd. Construction

Dilly Van Rentals will see some upcoming changes, particularly along Dillingham Blvd. We have been in communication with the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) regarding the construction for the rail project. The project will affect traffic flows especially in front of our building. The new changes mean that Dillingham Blvd. will operate with one traffic lane in each direction beginning next month and will be ongoing until year 2026. We know this is a long time, and we really appreciate your patience with this new traffic layout. 

Van Rentals

Accessing Dilly Van Rentals

As a result of these changes, left turns will be restricted for cars traveling both in and out of our driveways. Access will never be completely restricted. However, it may be restricted to just one driveway. Regardless, there will be clear signage to indicate the open driveways and where to exit. We recognize that this will cause some inconvenience for our customers and we profusely apologize for this. However, we are determined to make this information as transparent and clear as possible for tenants and customers. If you have any questions regarding the rail project, the 24-hour project line is 808-566-2299.  


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and printing services.  

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Van Rentals and Mechanic Shops

The van rentals have been popular with mechanic and auto body shops. We have worked with numerous business customers to help them find something that fits all of their business needs. We are so fortunate to work with such wonderful local businesses. It is great to see small businesses thriving again after the hardship of the pandemic closures. It is encouraging to see businesses with our Dilly Van Rentals because that means business is back in action, and that is a wonderful thing! Van rentals can be particularly useful for product deliveries and event setup but can also come in handy to transport large items. 

Mechanics We Rely On for Our Van Rentals

We rely on mechanics at several auto shops to keep our vans in pristine condition – both for maintenance and safety reasons. We wanted to list those mechanics here just to give them some well-deserved publicity!


We rely on Bryan Autocare for all of our auto body maintenance. 


We call TS AutoWorks for all repairs and safety inspections. They also worked on our vans when we had stolen catalytic converters! 


We use Okuhara Auto & Truck Repair for safety inspections on our big box truck rentals. Not all auto shops will do these special inspections, so we go to Okuhara for these! 


We love our mechanics, they help us keep our fleet in the best shape! They keep us up to date on safety inspections, maintenance and any unexpected repairs that we may need. We highly recommend them to our customers because of their excellent customer service. 


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and printing services.

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Van Rentals’ Requirements

Our van rentals are in excellent condition for a good reason. We take good care of them, both mechanically and hygienically. We also require valid driver’s licenses, auto insurance documents and a credit or debit card when you come in to pick up the vehicle. All documents must be current and valid. For example, if your insurance card shows expired dates, we will not accept it. Although insurance policy numbers remain consistent when policies are renewed, we still ask for your insurance to be current and valid. We are no longer accepting temporary driver’s licenses. We do this to protect both ourselves, the driver, and any potential passengers. Although we remind people to have these valid documents before they come in, we need to emphasize that your documents must be current. Expired or temporary driver’s licenses are not valid for our van rentals. We do not make exceptions to this rule. If your driver’s license is expired, you will not be able to rent one of our vehicles. We encourage individuals to have a valid driver’s license on them at all times, regardless of renting one of our vehicles.


We also offer other services on property, like storage units and print services. 

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Van Rentals for Events

Concerts, big events and gatherings are coming back to life. Along with that comes a high demand for van rentals! We are happy to see things come back to life after COVID. It’s nice to see a return of popular events. Customers are renting vans at a higher frequency these days, especially during this holiday season. We are also seeing a return of old van customers who were frequent patrons in pre-COVID days. It’s encouraging to see people getting back to what they’ve been waiting to do all year. We are seeing more customers renting vans for swap meets and sporting events. We have not seen events like these come back to life in a long time. We’re also seeing more van rentals for event setup like for weddings and family gatherings. It’s heartwarming to see these gatherings become popular once again. 

Van Rentals in High Demand

Because trucks are in high demand these days, we recommend booking in advance. The holiday season can be pretty busy and it’s best to plan ahead. It’s also an odd year because we are technically still in “COVID” times. We recommend planning in advance. 


Dilly Van Rentals also offers other services on property, like printing services and storage units

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Van Rentals for Summer

Dilly Van Rentals are kicking into gear for this season. As the Tier 3 opening is underway, small events like trade shows, craft fairs and farmers’ markets are coming back to life. We are so excited to see small businesses back in business. There has been an uptick in reservations for our van rentals. It is great to hear the excitement in people’s voices when they call to reserve our vehicles. We can’t wait to see everyone setting up for their shows! 

Van Rentals for Summer

As business ramps up again, we want to encourage everyone interested in renting a vehicle to make reservations early. The van rentals can fill up quickly, especially with summer right around the corner. Vans are great for transporting merchandise safely, especially for when you have a booth at a craft fair! Truck rentals are also popular during the summer months when people are moving into new homes. This is why we recommend calling as soon as possible to reserve a vehicle when you are certain of your dates. Vans are popular during busy season, especially now that public gatherings and events are coming back to life. The Tier 3 reopening is a busy and exciting time for many small businesses. 


Check out our other services offered on property, like storage units and printing services!

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Van Rentals for Hurricane Preparation

We have taken the downtime during the pandemic to take care of our fleet of Dilly Van rentals. Some of the vans needed some repairs and some thorough cleaning. During this pandemic, van rentals have not been in high demand. We have invested time and energy into improving the quality of the vehicles while they are not being utilized. We are doing this so that when they are going back on the roads more frequently, they’ll be just like new! 

Hurricane Douglas Preparation

The Hurricane Douglas that recently skimmed the islands warranted some use of our vans. In preparing for a hurricane, it takes time and energy to stock up on supplies. Vendors like Costco and Foodland typically fill up with anxious customers waiting to purchase emergency supplies. Some people invested time into boarding their homes up to protect against exterior damage from the incoming hurricane. It can be a lot of work – and a lot of driving through a congested city. The van rentals can alleviate stress by reducing the number of trips you’ll be making. Our van rentals can also hold large items, such as wooden planks and construction items that need to be transported to your home.

Van Rentals and Other Services

If you are interested in our other services on property, check out our Dillingham Self Storage and Dilly Print Shop websites for more information!

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Dilly Van Rentals Review From Adam

Our van rentals for Dilly Rentals are still in demand during the pandemic. We have adopted a new regimen of cleaning procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. The extra time we spend now on cleaning our vehicles is worth it to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

Adam’s Yelp Review

We encountered a familiar face the other day when lending out a van rental. Adam looked so familiar when he walked in and we could recognize him just from entering the lobby! He left a very kind review of Dilly Rentals a while back in 2018. We thought it could be him. While we were talking to him we pulled up his Yelp review and sure enough – it was him! Adam asked us if the people he mentioned in his Yelp review were still working here and that’s when we both held up our phones to show each other the Yelp review he was referring to! We all chatted with Adam for a while, like we were long lost friends!

Van Rentals Familiar Faces

We were so happy to see a familiar face and share stories with Adam. During this time of uncertainty, it’s encouraging to see a familiar face and share fond memories with our van rentals customers! 


If you are curious how our other divisions, such as storage units, are responding to the pandemic, check out our other blog post on this.

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Clean Van Rentals

Our van rentals are clean, efficient and convenient to rent. Many people use them to move large pieces of furniture or event items like long tables. It can be much easier to make one trip with a van instead of several short trips with an average-sized sedan to carry the same amount of items. We keep our vans in the best shape possible, always clean, comfortable and starting full on fuel. 

Cleaning our Van Rentals

We expect drivers to keep the van rental in good condition. Cleanliness is mandatory upon returning the vehicle. We don’t require customers to do a full vacuum and washing routine but we do have a clean standard to meet, as outlined in the rental agreement you get upon pickup. If the van is returned and it does not meet our minimum cleaning standard, we charge a minimum $25 cleaning fee. We would only charge this if the van is obviously very dirty. Depending on the severity of the mess, the cleaning fee can cost more than $25. We recently had a vehicle returned that had excessive mud in its interior and dirt covering the floor mats. We ruled this to be excessively dirty. It took our staff some time to clean out the interior and wash the outside. It was rented on a week of heavy rains and lightning, so we can see why it was returned in this condition. 

If you’re interested in our other services, like our print shop or storage units, check them out!

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Holiday Van Rentals

Van rentals are popular during the holidays because of the holiday parties and events. Many local restaurants and organizations put on “Lunch with Santa” events that are popular for young families and small keiki. Transporting all of the items is easily accomplished with the help of a van rental.

Will’s Thanksgiving Rental

Will called us in early November to reserve a van for Friday Nov. 23, the weekend of Thanksgiving. He called far in advance for the reservation so we could assure him an allocated van for him on that day. However, as the days approached Nov. 23, we realized that the office would be closed on that day in observance of the holiday! We had forgotten to record a phone number on file for Will and could not notify him of the conflict. Luckily, Will called us a week in advance and we were able to tell him about it then. We were relieved that he called us! To rectify the conflict, we allowed him to come in on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and check out the van. We only charged him for a single day’s use.

See You Next Time!

Will was very nice and accommodating. When we emailed him the final receipt, he assured us that he was happy with the van and would contact us in the future if he ever needed another one!