van rentals

Anna’s Truck Rental

A truck rental is versatile. They can serve several purposes other than just moving large items. We have some customers who utilize them as a temporary storage unit instead. Vans can be rented out for a few days so if you are only interested in temporary storage for a few days, this may be an option for you. 

Truck Rental vs. Storage Unit

Anna and her husband were making their move off the island to the mainland. They were here in the islands for many years but the rise in cost of living and pandemic unemployment conditions were not working well for them. She had a truck rental with us to load her items and take them to the port for shipping. Unfortunately, shipping was delayed and she needed to store her items for a few days until they were ready. Although we had a storage unit available, we do not prorate units for a few days and Anna would have to pay for the full month. 


We offered her an alternative which was to rent her another van and load her items in there. She could keep the van in our parking lot behind the gate until shipping was ready to go. This was a much cheaper and effective option for her. We were happy to provide this option to Anna because we know moving can be stressful! 


We also offer other services on property. We have printing services and storage units available!