van rentals

Box Truck Rental is Helpful

A box truck rental can be useful for moving items that cannot fit in a van. Box trucks provide ample room for taller items that cannot be transported in a moving van or cargo van. We have many customers renting these for moving rectangular boxes as they can fit efficiently into a box truck. Box trucks are also great for moving several large items at once, like three pieces of furniture or couches. Although one of these may fit into one of our smaller vans, it would be more efficient to move all three in one trip using a box truck.

Jack’s Truck Rental

Jack has been renting from our fleet multiple times throughout the month. He drives a mini cargo van for his company and uses our box trucks when he needs to pick up items that cannot fit in the van. He has been a regular Dilly Rentals customer stopping by on a weekly basis to pick up a box truck rental. We’re happy to help our regular customers because they typically place their reservations weeks in advance!