box truck rental

Box Truck Rental Customers

A box truck rental can come in handy when moving big items, even if you are not moving between homes. Some customers use our rentals to move large purchases from furniture stores to their home. Or moving things from Costco after purchasing large items.

Box Truck Rentals for Moving Furniture

Cynthia called to reserve a box truck rental for her and her husband to use. They had a few big purchases to pick up from stores and wanted to reserve a large vehicle for her husband to drive them home. He had never driven a vehicle that large before. When they returned it, he commented on how much he liked driving a big truck. It was a smooth ride, and they got all of their furniture transported in one ride.

Happy Customers

Overall they were very happy with the rental. So happy that her husband wants to get a big truck now to drive around! He said it’s her fault if he ends up getting a truck. We all had a good laugh at the office. We love our customers and love having these interactions with them. Have fun shopping for trucks, Cynthia!


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