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Dilly rentals getting good reviews

We have switched over from Uhaul vehicles to our own Dilly rental vehicles and we’re so happy about it. We’re so happy our loyal customers have carried over to our new rentals and that we get to advertise Dillingham self storage on our vehicles!

We recently had a customer leave an awesome Yelp review about our Dilly rentals. She rented one of our vehicles to pick up a sectional couch from Costco she had just purchased. Clarisse was in a rush to get a rental truck because she didn’t have a truck to transport the couch (which was on sale,) so she finds us on Yelp and calls us. Our prices were great deals for her, also considering that we were right around the corner from Costco it was very convenient for her.

Everyone should read Clarisse’s review that she left about us on Yelp because it’s pretty amusing and has pictures of some of the interior of our vans, if you’re interested from a consumer’s perspective. She ended the review with, “Bottom line, if you’re gonna rent a moving van, I would go here first.  I sell real estate, and I’m recommending them to all my clients from now on.”