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Dilly Van Rentals Price Structures

Dilly Van Rentals offers moving truck rentals for reasonable prices. Our prices are lower than any other moving vehicle company on the island. We are a small, locally owned and operated business. It’s hard to compare us to chain businesses because we are unique! 

Dilly Van Rentals Price Structures

We once had a customer who was very upset with our vans and compared us to national companies. Our price structure includes a flat rate fee for the day plus a small mileage charge. Customers are also required to fill the gas tank prior to returning the van. Some large chain companies do not follow these same price structures. We got in touch with this unhappy customer and discussed that we’re a local business, not a large chain company. We confirmed that we have the lowest charges compared to any other moving truck rental company on the island. That same customer left us a beaming 5-star Yelp review mentioning our reasonable prices and loving the opportunity to support local! We were happy to hear this. 


We take pride in doing our research to make sure that our rates are the best and lowest on the island. And we are so happy when our customers want to support local! 


Dilly Van Rentals also offers other products and services on site. We have storage units and printing services all available at Dillingham Self Storage!