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Furniture Moving Van Rental

If you need a moving van rental, you might need a furniture dolly as well. We rent these out and have a few to choose form that are only $7.00 a day. When moving large pieces of furniture, it can be helpful to have a dolly to do the job. You don’t want to strain your back moving furniture!

Moving Van Rental with Furniture Dolly

We had someone call in and ask to rent a dolly for the day without picking up a van as well, and that’s fine, too. He didn’t need a van, just the dolly. He came back within a few hours to pick up the dolly and mentioned how great it was during the move. We allow customers to rent a dolly without a van, because we know they are so useful!

If you have questions about renting a dolly or how to use one, feel free to call and ask!