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Gary’s Moving Van Rental

A moving van rental can be hard to find during busy season. A good, reliable truck rental business can be even harder to find. Here at Dilly Van Rentals, we prioritize our customer service and clean vehicles. We encourage early reservations ahead of time but are usually able to accommodate same day reservations. 

Same Day Moving Van Rental

Gary had reserved a vehicle months in advance with a different rental business. He made his reservation in July for a vehicle that he needed in September. As he approached the reservation date, the rental business had the unfortunate news that there was no record of a reservation. Consequently, there was no box truck rental available for him. Gary was incredibly upset as he had large items that he was set to pick up and had no vehicle to transport them. He called almost every van rental company on island but did not find any with availability. Then he found us. We were able to get Gary a moving van rental that same day and get the paperwork done on his lunch break. He was excited that he found us and we’re happy that we found him! 


We also offer other services on property. We have printing services and storage units available!