van rentals

Loyal U-haul customers love new van and truck rentals

We used to be one of U-haul’s top dealers back before we got our own rental vehicles. Since we’ve switched off of U-haul, we’re so lucky to have such loyal customers that have followed us with our new Dilly Rentals.

For example we have Rodney who has already scheduled regular van reservations up until the end of this year! Rodney is always using our vans and loves our new Dilly rentals compared to our old U-haul vans. Jim is also another regular customer who has been using our vans every two weeks since last December.

In addition to Rodney and Jim we’ve also got Eric and Chris, who are regulars with our rentals and come in periodically to take out one of our Dilly Rentals. We’re so happy that we were able to make such a good impression on these customers that they want to follow us and support us with our own Dilly rentals! We love these customers!