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Moving Truck Rental Customers Turned Storage Tenants

Some of our moving truck rental customers learn about our storage facilities after renting one of our trucks. We are happy to offer both truck rentals and storage units because they typically complement each other. Many people who are moving into a new home need a truck rental and at the same time may need a storage unit. We have talked to many moving customers who need to store some of their home items intermittently while moving between locations. 

Moving Truck Rental

Kaipo rented his first van with us last year. He’s rented a truck from us a handful of times ever since we first saw him. On one of his last visits, he was chatting with a storage tenant about potential storage units becoming available in the near future. He was happy to hear that we have some units available. It would make his moving process much easier if he could store his items at our facility. He is looking to sign a lease with us in the very near future now. We are looking forward to welcoming a new storage tenant who came to us from our Dilly Rentals ohana!


We also offer other services on property, like printing services and storage facilities.