van rentals

Moving Van Rental for 24-Hours

A moving van rental comes in handy for those who are moving into new homes. Moving can be a long process and some like to do it in parts, one day at a time. That is why we offer our vehicles for rent for up to a 24 hour period. Sometimes it just takes a day to move, or maybe it takes several days to move. You can reserve for several days at a time, or just one day at a time! It’s up to you. We cater to your moving process. 

24-Hour Moving Van Rental

The truck rentals are for rent on a 24 hour basis. If the 24 hour period you need a van is not available for the vehicle you rented is not needed for the full 24 hours, that rate is still in effect on top of the mileage rate and gas tank refills. If you have any questions, give us a call or email us! 


We do not offer flat rates or daily/weekly rates. We are aware that some rental companies offer price breaks for mileage. We do not because we prioritize vehicle maintenance and cleanliness. We like to check in with our vehicles on a frequent basis to make sure everything is running smoothly!


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