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Moving Van Rental Height Clearance

A moving van rental can be a big help for moving large boxes to a new house or apartment. However, we caution our renters to be aware of clearance heights. Our trucks are larger, taller and longer than regular vehicles so it is vital to understand clearance heights. It is also important to understand how to drive one of these vehicles when in dense traffic settings or when entering parking garages. 

An appraiser that evaluated damages to one of our vehicles pointed out that an unloaded vehicle will not exit a parking garage the same way a loaded vehicle enters a garage. For example, a loaded vehicle will be lower in height because the weight of the vehicle will bring it down. An unloaded vehicle is presumably lighter because it is not loaded with boxes and consequently that will raise it a few inches, bringing it back to its original height. This can be an issue when exiting a parking garage as the initial entrance would have been a lower clearance. 

We caution our moving van rental users to stay away from entering parking garages or see if there’s a loading dock. Otherwise, beware of garage clearances and know the dimensions of the truck you are driving! 

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