van rentals

Moving Van Rental for the New Year

We love it when people in the Dillingham area come to us for a moving van rental.  If they live in the area, it’s a much shorter drive to get here and hence it might be a shorter time that they will have the van out for!  

Kim’s Moving Van Rental in January

We just had Kim call us in the beginning of January for a moving van.  He’s just down the street from us and since that call he’s come in each week to rent a van.  We know that moving can be a stressful process, and it’s much easier with a van because you’re taking less trips between the two locations.  It’s more efficient, and if you have someone helping you, it can be a faster process overall. Sometimes when moving, it can take a few weeks to get all your things transported and finally settled.  This is why people tend to come back for several weeks in ranting vans because it takes a while to get all the moving finally done. Luckily here at Dilly Rentals, you can rent a van out as many times as you want, we don’t have an individual customer limit!