Truck Rental

Brochure for Moving Van Rentals

Our moving van rentals are going into the popular holiday season! The holidays come with events, family gatherings and big New Year’s Eve gatherings. It’s a fun time for everyone. There is demand for our moving vans to help move large items for events like tables, chairs and other setup equipment. 

Comparing Moving Van Rentals

We know if you are working for a company (or just for yourself!) it can be overwhelming to compare truck rentals at several places. You went the best option, with your preferred availability! It’s important, we know. That’s why we organize all of our prices, information and rental details into a concise brochure so it’s easy (and fast) for you to get our rates. We give these brochures to our customers who come in with inquiries about our Dilly Van Rentals. 

Quicken the Shopping Process

We just had a customer who was in a rush to find a large moving vehicle. She walked in one day and we are so glad we had something to give her with a quick run-down of the rates and options for our moving van rentals! With this, she can put together the best option for her move!  

We also offer other services, such as storage and printing, all on the same property!