Truck rental

Moving Van Rentals for Restaurant Delivery

The moving van rentals offered at Dilly Rentals are available on site at our Dillingham Storage facility. We have had the trucks for several years now and very happy customers because of them. Many of our customers are businesses looking to rent moving vans. We have had several event managers and outdoor event venues inquiring about moving vans. Compared to large mainstream truck dealers, we can probably offer you a better deal and local service. 

Aloha Tofu with Moving Van Rentals

Aloha Tofu has been a Dilly Print Shop customer for years. They inquired about our vans asking if we rent out cargo vans. They have seen our vans cruising around town and also in their parking lot. At the time, one of their delivery vans was down and being serviced. During a time like this, delivery is crucial for local restaurants and eateries to stay alive. We understand. They stopped by to pick up a van and were so happy with it. They commented how close and convenient it was for them to pick up a van. We love it when we have happy customers. We also love it when customers from our other services come in for more services. It makes us happy!