Moving van rentals

Moving Van Rentals in Season

Moving van rentals are in season right now. Many people are moving into new homes or apartments. It is much easier to carry out a move with a van rental instead of doing multiple trips in a mid-sized vehicle. However, it’s not always easy to find a rental for the time frame that you need it. Vans are in especially high demand due to the shortage of rental cars for visiting tourists. Consumers looking for rental cars are overflowing into van and truck rental businesses. This is why we put a 2-day cap on our van rentals. This leaves vans open for locals to rent.

Moving Van Rentals in Season

Sharon was looking for a moving van to assist her in moving from Waimanalo to Waialua. Both of these locations are very far from our Dillingham Boulevard location. However, Sharon could not find a rental for the dates she needed. She called just about every moving vehicle rental business and not one had the availability that she needed. Then, Sharon found us on google. We had availability for the exact days she needed! She was so happy to book a box truck rental with us for her moving dates. 


Moving van rentals are in high demand now, so if you need one, book soon!


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