Van Rentals

Same Day Reservations for Dilly Rental Vans

Dillingham storage prioritizes customer service, as you all may already know. We have rapid turnaround time for answering questions, provide the best guidance in choosing the right product, and make an effort to know our tenants personally.

Same Day Reservations

Sam, a recent customer, came in one day inquiring about renting a van that same day. We luckily had a storage van available for rent that day just sitting in our parking lot! Sam was excited to hear that.

For Sam, English isn’t his first language, and for most of our staff, English is our only language. So, communicating with him and doing the necessary paperwork was slightly difficult. We took our time and were very patient with him. We went through the documents, our required rates and necessary details.

Patience with Customers

We wanted to make sure that we were transparent with him and fully communicative of the process. Once we cleared that up, we signed the paperwork and Sam was off with the van!

Another Happy Customer!

Sam was thankful and appreciative that we reviewed the details of the documents with him. He knew it was slightly difficult because of the language barrier – but we didn’t let that phase us! Sam expressed to us multiple times before leaving of his appreciation for our patience. We would never let language be a barrier for someone to access our services at dillingham self storage!