van rentals

Tiffany and Ron’s vehicle rental

A few weeks ago we had a couple come in asking if they could rent a vehicle from us. Tiffany and Ron had called almost every Uhaul dealer on the island and pretty much no one had a vehicle available until later that evening.

When all the Uhaul dealers are booked

They were just driving by our facilities, after recently leaving a Uhaul dealer, and thought they might want to come in and ask about our vehicles. At that time, we had a 10’ transit van available to rent for the day. When they were ready to rent, they realized they forgot their insurance card, but we assured them that we’d hold it for them! Most Uhauls on the island get reserved within the first week of the month so that’s most likely why Tiffany and Ron couldn’t find anything available.

Dilly Rental to the rescue!

After Ron got back with his insurance card, we were able to get them on the road and driving within a few minutes. When they came back to return their van they commented how pleased they were with the service they received and were relieved that they had found us. If they ever need to rent another vehicle, they’ll definitely be back!