truck rental

Truck Rental Saves the Business

Chanh was in search of a truck rental for his restaurant. His restaurant has a company truck that usually does the job however, it was in need of repairs and it was in the shop for the time being. Hence, they needed a truck rental.

Returning Customer

Chanh was actually a storage tenant who moved out last year. We were familiar with him and know that English isn’t his first language. He feels comfortable coming back to us because we can communicate with him and he’s familiar with us. It’s nice to know that our customers feel comfortable with us. 

Truck Rental Needs for Next Week

After using the truck rental, he returned the following week to check it out again. And then kept coming back in the weeks following! Apparently the company truck is expected to be in the shop for a while so he planned on using our truck rentals to get the job done in the time being. Love to have you Chanh, see you next week!