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Truck Rental Insurance Policies

We want our truck rental customers to be fully informed and educated on the insurance requirements for our vans. It’s important to understand the extent to which your auto insurance will cover damages on a rental vehicle. 

Truck Rental Collision Damage Waiver Policy

To initially begin the truck rental process, we require a valid driver’s license, credit/debit card and a copy of your valid auto insurance card. This is to be provided up front prior to taking the vehicle out. If something were to happen to the vehicle that caused damage or loss, the customer is responsible for the first $2500 of the repair costs. The driver’s auto insurance is the primary source of insurance. However, if the customer purchased our optional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) for $15.00 a day, they would only be responsible for paying the $1000 deductible. If the customer declines the CDW, that means they are completely reliant on their own insurance to cover the first $2500 cost of damage and loss. However, not all auto insurance policies will cover the cost of damage to a rental vehicle. Some companies will not cover the cost of damages at all and the customer will have to pay the $2500 out of pocket. For example, if a customer only has liability coverage, the insurance company typically will not cover the cost of the damages. We recommend our customers to look into their auto insurance policies to see if they have coverage for rental vehicles. 


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