Truck rental

Truck Rental for Teacher

A Dilly Truck Rental can be useful for moving large items between locations. We have several small business owners rent vans for events, transporting inventory and other business-related purposes. We love working with small businesses! We interact with a wide variety of business professionals who rent our trucks. For example, we work with artists, plumbers, small business owners of all sorts and most recently, teachers! 

Truck Rental for the New School Year

Becky is an elementary school teacher here in Honolulu. She was in the process of moving schools for the upcoming school year and was in need of a van rental. Becky came to us to pick up a Dilly Truck rental. She knew we had safe, spacious, reliable vehicles that could serve her moving needs. Teachers do so much for our community, raising and educating the next generation. We love to work with teachers. Becky mentioned that she was moving from a Kalihi school to a Nanakuli middle school. She had a lot of things to move between the two locations and it would be more efficient for her to get a truck rental and do it all in one trip. We agree! We wish Becky all the best in the upcoming school year and hope she has a great time at her new school. 

Truck Rental

We also offer other services on property, such as storage and printing.