truck rental

Truck Rental for Craft Fair

A Dilly Van truck rental is great for transporting vendor goods for public events, like craft fairs. We love working with small businesses, especially craft fair vendors. It is exciting and encouraging to see so many vendors back in action after the two year hiatus due to covid. Customers are also excited for the return of these public events!

Ray’s Truck Rental

Ray lives on a neighboring island but recently flew down to O’ahu for a craft fair at the Blaisdell. She contacted several truck rental businesses and concluded that we have the best rental rates in town. Before leaving for O’ahu, she reserved a truck with us over the phone. We were happy to provide that for her! Upon picking up her truck, she checked if we had any available storage units. Luckily, we did. Ray decided to store her unsold items in a storage unit with us. This was a convenient option for her rather than transporting her items via plane back home. She’ll be back for the next craft fair in February! We love it when we can provide several services to a single customer. It makes their lives easier and makes our Dilly ohana happy! Vendors who are frequently traveling can benefit from a local storage unit to store their items and goods. Storage units are secure and more cost efficient than paying for extra airplane cargo. We offer storage units in several sizes to fit your business needs.    


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and print services.