Truck Rental

Truck Rental for New Furniture

A truck rental from our Dilly Van Rentals can be especially useful for new furniture owners! If you’re looking for an easy way to drive furniture home from a place like Costco, stop by our Dilly Van Rentals and that can easily be done. We are a very short drive from Costco, which is convenient for big furniture purchases that need a larger van to transport these items. Our vans can be rented out without a prior reservation. Although we recommend reservations during busy seasons, such as the summer months, we can still easily lend you a van without an advance reservation. We have several van sizes to accommodate your needs, depending on how many furniture pieces you’re taking home! Each truck rental is rented at a flat rate plus a small charge for each mile driven. Our vans do not have to be rented out for an entire day or overnight, they can be returned in the afternoon before closing. 

Truck Rental for Large Items

We noticed an influx of these furniture customers from stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Costco nearby. There must be big sales at these places to explain the high demand for truck rentals!  


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and print shop services.