truck rentals

Fresh and Clean Truck Rentals

The truck rentals from Dilly Van Rentals are held to a high standard upon our staff inspection before being rented out to a customer. We have a regulated cleaning schedule to maintain the cleanliness of the vans, including weekly cleanings as well as a thorough cleaning after each customer use. Although we cannot control what customers leave behind in the vans, we manage to keep clean vans and truck rentals for our customers. We also ask that customers leave the vans in decent condition upon return with regards to the van’s interior. 

Moving Furniture with Truck Rentals

Kar and Lily needed a cargo van to move furniture to their new home. They made a reservation with us in advance. When it came time to moving day they noted the cleanliness of the van and mentioned it to us. They said that the last truck rental company gave them a van infested with roaches and was very unhygienic overall. They reported this to the company upon return of the van but were met with blatant disregard for the issue. It was an unpleasant experience. They planned to never give that company their business again and that’s how they found us. When getting one of our truck rentals they were happy to see that there were no roaches! We are always happy when customers notice the hard work we put into maintaining our facility and vehicles.


Give us a call if you are interested in our other services, like storage units for rent, at our Dillingham Self Storage facility. Our truck rentals are located at Dillingham Self Storage facility as well.