Truck rental

Truck Rentals in High Demand

Truck rentals are still in high demand. With so many car rental companies selling their fleets, visiting tourists are looking to rent our Dilly Van Rentals. As a result, we have been jam packed all summer. Our front desk has been fielding calls left and right from customers looking for vehicle rentals on vacation. Now that tourism is ramping up in the islands, car rentals are in high demand. Although a large truck rental may be unpleasant to drive while on vacation, some people are desperate for transportation! We have also seen some local ads for residents renting out their personal vehicles to visiting tourists. 

Truck Rentals for Moving

In order to accomodate customers who need truck rentals for moving purposes, we are offering reservations only for a 2-day maximum usage period. This is to ensure that customers looking for moving vehicles are able to reserve one. One of our loyal Dilly customers thanked us for not renting vans out for weeks at a time. We like to stay on good terms with our regulars who use vans for summer events! We’re hoping that the vehicle rental market balances out in the near future. 


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