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Truck Rental for Birthday Parties

Truck rentals are great for events like birthday parties and concerts. We have numerous customers rent our trucks for a day or two just to set up and breakdown all of the large party items. For example, tables, chairs, speaker systems and tents are all too large to fit in the back of an ordinary sedan. Although they may fit in the back of a pickup truck or a minivan, you would still need to make multiple trips to successfully transport all of the items. A truck rental would solve all transportation problems.

Truck Rental for Zeke

Zeke recently had a 14’ box truck rental from us. He needed it to host his son’s birthday party. Him and his wife live in Waianae but the party was in Mililani. We recommended that he look into a vendor in between the two locations to save money on mileage and gas expenses. Zeke was adamant on renting a truck from us because he was happy with our rates and impressed by our excellent customer reviews. We were shocked that he chose us even though we are located in Kalihi! When Zeke and his wife stopped by to pick up the truck, we chatted with them for hours. We talked to them as if we’ve known them forever. We traded some party planning tips and talked story with them as if they were family. We were happy to help with his son’s birthday party and glad that it all worked out for them!


We also offer other services on property, like printing and storage units.