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Requirements for Truck Rentals

Dilly truck rentals are helpful for a variety of reasons. They are great for moving between places, transporting large items for events and reducing the number of driving trips during the moving process! To help customers expedite the rental process, there are a number of documents that customers need to have on hand when picking up a truck rental. For example, customers need to have a valid driver’s license for any and all individuals that will be driving the vehicle. Drivers must be at least 21 years old. They must also have a valid auto insurance card. The names on the insurance card and the driver’s license must match. The name must be listed on the insurance card even if it is listed as an additional driver. 

Truck Rentals and Insurance Coverage

We encourage the drivers for all our truck rentals to be knowledgeable of the scope of their insurance coverage. It is best to know what coverage you have because not all insurance policies cover moving vehicles or rental vehicles at all. Your auto insurance will serve as the primary insurance while driving the vehicle. Although we do not offer insurance, we offer a collision damage waiver. This would serve as the secondary to your insurance.

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Customers must also have a credit or debit card on hand to process charges at the time of dispatch and the time of return. Cash will only be accepted if the vehicle is returned during office hours.  Finally, if the designated driver differs from the individual paying for the vehicle, then both need to be present with ID verification to match signatures.

We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and printing services.