van rentals

Truck Rentals and Safety Checks

Our truck rentals are in good condition for a reason. We take good care of our vehicles and prioritize cleanliness and a good-looking exterior. One way we do this is by doing inspections with customers before taking the vehicle out and after upon returning. 

Safety Checks Before and After Renting

The process to rent out one of our truck rentals includes customers completing a safety qualification record form before taking the vehicle out. In completing this, customers walk around the vehicle to mark any visible dents or damages. Many car rental vendors require this. We do this so that both customers and staff are aware of damages before leaving the parking lot. We encourage customers to leave detailed records of the vehicle, and maybe even take a few pictures if that’s possible. We want our customers to feel well-aware of every corner of the vehicle. Although this takes extra time, these few minutes of familiarizing yourself with the vehicle can make a big difference when it’s time to drive. Upon returning the truck, we do a safety inspection with customers to check for any new dents or damages that the customer may be responsible for. We know this takes more of your time, but it is essential for us to do this. 


We also offer other services on property, like printing services and storage units.