Truck Rental

Truck Rentals and Safety Tips

Dilly Truck rentals are convenient and efficient for moving. They come in handy for moving large objects in one trip. It can be difficult to move several large items with a smaller sedan-size vehicle. We have several customers rent our vehicles for big events or for moving homes.  

Stolen Catalytic Converters

We want to make our truck rental customers aware of a recent increase in stolen catalytic converters on vehicles. These can be costly repairs. These are components attached to the undercarriage of a vehicle and are important to control exhaust emissions. The best way to avoid this is to park your vehicle in a position so that it is difficult to access the undercarriage. The easiest way to know if your converter has been stolen is to start your car up every morning, regardless if you are going to actually drive it. If the car is lacking a catalytic converter, the sound will be noticeably louder and will sound like it has no muffler. If this is the case, file a police report immediately. Some insurance companies may cover this cost if there is an official police report file. If you think this may have happened to your Dilly truck while you were renting it, let us know and we can find a solution. We also recommend that all of our renters have full insurance coverage, even for rentals. 

Truck Rentals and Other Services

The Dilly Truck rentals offers other services like self storage and printing. Check out our other sites for more information. All services are conveniently offered on property.