truck rentals

Truck Rentals and Tourists

Truck rentals are popular among tourists. As more restrictions are lifted everyday, tourists are making their way back to the islands. We never expected for our trucks to be intended for tourists but we have had so many inquiries from people on vacation to rent a vehicle. We have heard from several people that rental car companies are charging high prices, indirectly pushing tourists to look into cargo vans for their vacation. This was a big surprise to us! 

Truck Rentals While on Vacation

This unexpected flow of customers adds to our regular customers looking for trucks for craft fair season. We are happy to see our trucks going out but are shocked at whose renting them! There are other cargo and moving van rentals on the island that have reported the same phenomenon. We are not the only ones. This is another reason why we encourage our regular customers to reserve vans as soon as they know their show dates. We know how important truck rentals are for busy season. Dilly Van Rentals has several regular customers that use our vans for craft fairs and farmers’ markets


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