truck rentals

Truck Rentals for Business

The state shut down has has an impact on small businesses – and still is. We love supporting local and are happy to facilitate entrepreneurs through our Dillingham ohana. We have had several customers utilize our truck rentals to support their business. Transporting supplies for events, trade shows and swap meets can be cumbersome – and time consuming. Driving one truck that can serve as the primary vehicle can simplify the setup process for an entrepreneur. 

Swap Meet Truck Rentals

Mary was a loyal customer of ours who has a vendor booth at the swap meet. Due to the shutdown, the swap meet was also closed down. This was incredibly unfortunate for all vendors involved and was a difficult time for many. Mary was very happy to hear the news that the swap meet could open again. She was quick to contact us to reserve a truck rental for her first weekend back!  We are really happy for Mary to get back into business again. She was very excited to reserve a truck rental for a few weekends in June. We love seeing entrepreneurs and local businesses get back into shape and open up safely again. It’s wonderful to see, and we are happy to facilitate it with our Dilly Van Rentals. 


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